Amazing Grace

The song Amazing Grace was written at sea by a slave owner. He had an epiphany. He suddenly saw that the true course of action was to set his slaves free. This is much harder than it seems, because we Westerners have become very dependent on remote controlled slavery. And to be quite honest, I don’t think the slaves would cope with a sudden change any more than an animal held in captivity can suddenly be released to the wild.

To set your slaves free is the only true course to set yourself free.

Changing your own life so that you are less of a slave is curiously unfulfilling. Because you are still using slaves. Fighting for laws to abolish slavery doesn’t really work either, does it ? It just abolishes slavery from view. We now live in a world where we use slavery almost daily, but we believe slavery has been abolished.

Bondage is slavery.
Money is held in bonds.
Money is debt.
Slaves and masters are bonded together by debt. A slave master owns and owes his slaves. He has taken from them, he owes them.

I think the entire human race is bonded together by debt, but there is a nasty sort of debt and a nice sort of debt. One blocks love, and the other is love.

In West Africa, there are tribal people that stay connected through the bonds of debt. They always maintain debts between themselves, so that there is always a relationship, a bond, based on what is owed. To pay off a debt is to clear the bond, and end the relationship.

This is mirrored in the Western world by watching how couples that break up seem to have a sort of ceremony of returning each others things. To return each others stuff is to end the bond. Those that want to maintain the bond are reluctant to settle the debt, and usually hang onto something.

We are all bonded to the Queen through her debt to us. All money is debt, IOU notes (Please see The Queen’s Debt). We can (eventually) get out of this by not dealing in money. The Queen seems reluctant to do this, and so are we, but the bondage to her can be reduced by reducing the amount of money you deal in, or by circulating money without it going through the banks, and maybe eventually writing off her debt to us. (See Jesus and The Taxes).

The slaves are always owed. The master is always indebted to the slave. The Queen is indebted to her subjects. Slaves are bought and sold to create an illusion that the slave owner does not owe anything.

“I owe you one mate”. People owe each other favours. People never forget if someone did something for them, maybe saved their life. “I am indebted to you for saving my life, if you are ever in need….”

Harry Potter sets his house elf free by giving him an item of clothing. It is a symbol of the slave master giving something he owes back to the slave. The bondage of slavery is now broken. We can help set Santa’s elves free by reducing our Christmas time consumption.

You take the freedom of the slave, you owe it back.

The bonds of our human social world are created by debt. Without debt, we do not relate. We become separate and solitary. Perhaps the biggest debt of all is the one we owe to our mother who carried us and laboured to bring us here. It seems to me to be the biggest human pair bond of all. It is a bond of love, a labour of love.

But you don’t have to repay debt to the one who gave it you. Like money, the debt can keep going round and round through many hands.

A friend in need is a friend in deed. Someone in need is an opportunity for human kindness, kinship, bonding. If something goes wrong in your life, all sorts of people step in to help you out, and this creates a bond of debt. People don’t want to be bonded to other people so they bond to money instead, take out insurance policies, employ remote controlled slaves through the bondage of money.

Money is a debt that blocks love and isolates us from each other, only relating through the central debt controller, the banks and the Queen.

Those that understand how the debt system bonds us are intercepting it for their own greed, to profit and control, whilst never repaying the debt. Almost everyone in the Western world is doing this to a certain extent, usually unwittingly. This system creates perpetual slavery somewhere else. The bankers are controlling all the favours and serving we do for each other, and thereby controlling our kinship.

I do not go to work just for the money. I find that to serve and help others, even in paid work, is often very fulfilling, and bonding. It creates a bond of humanity. Serving and helping others goes wrong when it is driven by money, and free will is lost.

I think there are two types of loan, hard and soft. I no longer deal in hard loans. If I have spare money to loan someone, I have spare money to give, it doesn’t have to come back, I am not going to chase it up, or demand it. Then if it does come back to me, it comes back freely given, as a gift, given with love. Otherwise it will get passed on, the same £50 going round and round, serving many purposes for many people, many times over. A hard loan is the one the banks do. Hard loans block love, and create a slavery sort of bondage. Soft loans are given with love.

One day, with more practice, this soft loan way of living may lead to just purely gifting, with no expectation of anything in return, other than that the love will be passed on to where it wants to go. Because if everything is truly gifted, then everything that passes between us is merely a token or symbol of love. If everything is gifted this way, then slavery cannot exist, paedophilia cannot exist, wars cannot exist.

This is idealism, because you can’t force everyone else to behave like you want them to, that’s slavery ! Nor can you judge others for not behaving like you, that’s religious and acting God like, and it blocks love.

But what you can do, what is within reach of everyone, is to be the change you want to see in the world. Practise what you preach, no need to wait for others to do the same. Practise starts in very small slow clumsy steps, and as you practise more and more, it gets easier and easier.

Amazing Grace
How sweet the sound
that saved a soul (wretch) like me
i once was lost
but now am found
twas blind but now i see.

It was written at sea, lost at sea, found at sea, and I find that water flows like love, always finding a way. Love of water helps us find our way back to love.

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Book ref : A Plague of Caterpillars by Nigel Barley

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Family Farming

We have cattle farms, potato farms, sheep farms, all different sorts of farms. Now I see there are family farms. We are farming families. Families are farm products, and family farming is increasingly controlled by mechanised agriculture.

A farm near me advertises itself as a “family farm”. It has been in the same family for generations. A family farm sounds more friendly and less corporate. There is a family friendly farm shop, and family fun days on the farm. Kids can visit the farm and learn about how animals are farmed and kept in captivity and how cute it is, and so they won’t mind when the same friendly thing is done to them. It’s all fun and friendly family farming !

Humans are farmyard animals. You have been farmed !

A farmer wants to pass on the family farm down the generations, so he needs to farm a family, otherwise who will inherit the farm ? Hence the children’s nursery rhyme…

“The farmer wants a wife”.

The farmer cannot farm a family without a wife. The farmer has the seed, but he needs fertile soil in which to plant and grow his human crop. (Does that look a bit like “corp” ?).

The rhyme continues…
“the wife wants a child”.

That’s handy ! A perfect two way match. The wife needs (or thinks she needs) the farmer’s seed in order to have her child, like going to the garden centre to buy some seed packets, She is looking for someone to farm her family. She needs a man who is a seed supplier. It’s an exchange of womb for seed. A deal. Men and women have been set up, “framed”, to seek each other out for their perfect match, so they can breed more humans.

The farmer then owns the wife and child, they are his chattel cattle, branded with his name. It’s his family farm after all.

The farmer is the handler for the wife and child on behalf of The State. The State cannot keep an eye on everything so it has developed a hierarchy of control whereby all women and children have handlers to control them.

Children are “illegitimate” if they are born outside of marriage. It means they are outside the law, illegal. In times gone by, gypsies were declared criminals at birth for being born a gypsy, because gypsies are outside the law. It is the same idea as being illegitimate. Illegal-mate. Illegal mater, illegal mother. The State has not endorsed your mating activity, has not agreed the match. You are illegal for not being owned, not being farmed. Everyone must belong to a farm. And all the farms are state controlled.

If you are not farmed, or framed, then you are free to roam, to be wild and self-willed. Maybe be-wild-ered to start with. It’s not allowed.

Times are a changing, and they have been for a while. Do you think this sort of thing happens these days ? Do you think we are all modern and liberated in 21st century England?

Children are no longer ostracised for being born illegitimate. But that’s because we don’t need husbands to be our farmers any more. It really doesn’t matter if a mother has no husband these days, because women can now marry the State directly. The internet is helping this along by being the farmer. You can see the square frame of the internet screen is just as restricting as the square fields. Penned in by words and images. Mothers, including myself, obediently sign over their babies to the State using a birth registration process and in return get a birth certificate saying what they have done. In subsequent years this is updated by a passport with photo id. The State is the family farmer. You can cut out the middleman. The State breeds us, the State pens us in, frames us in square housing blocks. The State feeds us. In return we do as we are told.

Family pharming is now replacing family farming. It is chemicals and labs that are going to be farming families of the future. It starts with “family planning”, a concept being rolled out across the world. Africans are deemed irresponsible for not properly planning their family farming. And so we are told in a roundabout way that we must plan our family farming to be socially acceptable. Family planning increasingly means chemical warfare, usually on the pharmed female body. And now woman can go to labs and clinics to be planted with selected seed. The Monsanto of family pharming is the fertility clinic for humans. Sperm banks, seed banks, egg banks, syringes, and coming soon, square wombs, mechanised computer controlled family pharming that takes all the labour out of the body and puts it into labour labs.

Women and children are still owned and penned in. As the traditional family farming changes shape, the new husband is the State. Women are now married directly to the State. The State is polygamous and owns multiple wives and their children that it feeds and supports. It is like a prize bull, the one that sires all the cows. The same male DNA can now be easily administered to all women. Women who like to design the perfect father using forms and computer questionaires will happily pay lots of money to be sired by the prize bull.

Eventually the internet will do the pharming of families, and with one click you can get the seed that you want. It doesn’t matter what it says on the label, you don’t really know what is in the bottle do you ?

As you most likely know, the papal bull is the edict of the Pope. And the prize bull that sires the world farming will be something to do with the Pope. A papal bull is traditionally written on the human skin of a dead child. A farmed child, one slaughtered for its hide, just as we slaughter calves.

The children’s rhyme continues…
“the child wants a dog”

That sums it all up. The dog is on a lead and collar, like a slave and like a vicar, and like the necklace worn by a woman, perhaps the necklace was presented to her by her husband. Owned, and controlled. The relationship between man and dog symbolises the relationship between God (“DOG” backwards) and man. It is ownership, it is farming, it is breeding. Humans under State ownership are farmed. The child desires to copy the adults’ way, and wants a dog to control and own.

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Missionary Position

The mission of missionaries is to position themselves in another country, and infiltrate the natives, converting them to Christianity.

The missionary position is a sexual position only possible in heterosexual sex. The man and woman lie horizontal, face to face, the woman lying submissive on her back, the man crushing her on top.

The missionary position is laughed about as a joke, usually considered as some dull routine sexual position that is the only thing unimaginative missionary types can come up with.

But the missionary position has a mission. Its mission is to deposit the sperm of the missionary into the womb of the receptive pinned down woman, this converting the native egg inside, and crushing the native line. It’s a very positive depositing position, with the positive man on top and in control.

Stories abound from around the world of invading missionaries invading the cunts of native women in their native cuntry, often in subtle ways such as taking them on as servants or mistresses. It’s not rape really, is it ? Stories abound of children being stolen and brought up by missionary establishments, converted to Christian ways.

But the main mission of missionaries is not just to convert the minds and positively electrifying ways of life, it is to convert the blood to Christianity.

Missionaries label themselves as peaceful people doing good. Doing good God’s work. I am sure they believe in the goodness of their work. Male missionaries always seem to have wives to practise on and to give them a sort of family friendly facade.

But behind the facade of friendliness and peace, there is an invasion and conversion going on.

Once the missionaries have done their bit, and tamed and controlled the natives, and set up establishments such as schools for mind doctoring, hospitals for medical doctoring, water taps and electricity, square shaped houses, a police force, etc etc, it paves the way for the next level of invaders to move in. Eventually, when peace is fully reigning in the invaded converted country, Royalty can move into the newly built palace with full police protection.

And peace reigns over all.

The price to pay for peace seems to be forced invasion. The price to pay is The Missionary Position. And it may explain why the Church promotes only heterosexual sex.

I have seen the videos shown to 10 year olds in English schools as part of their sex education. All parents are invited to a preview. The video is a cartoon depicting a male and a female cartoon characters having Missionary Position sex. It is clinical, Satanic, functional, and there is absolutely no love. The big evil grins on their cartoon faces show how much fun it is supposed to be. Children are not only being trained to view this as normal, they are being instructed in how to do it, and that they must do it themselves.

The Satanic Mission is the Missionary Position. Keep practising.

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The Inheritance of Paedophilia

I keep on hearing more and more first hand stories of child abuse, in particular sexual abuse. I wonder if it is far more common than anyone is prepared to admit. Many child victims do not regain their memory of it until they are in their thirties, forties or even later. Some never regain it. Some never speak of it, even if they can recall it. Some commit suicide, or have a nervous breakdown, when the memory finally bubbles up to the surface.

Where did child abuse originate from ? And how come it is so prevalent ?

It is handed down the generations. It seems to be a truth that all paedophiles have been sexually abused, although the reverse is not true, because many of those abused as children do not continue the line of abuse.

Thus all, or nearly all, paedophiles have inherited their behaviour through what was done to them.

I am going to suggest that once upon a time, paedophilia was normal and acceptable within our culture. Not only that, it was once the morally right thing to do. It is only recently that it has become unacceptable, and therefore it has now been driven underground, behind the scenes, taboo.

Nowadays we have a different collection of normal and acceptable things. They are all deemed GOOD FOR YOU. Like cutting the umbilical at birth (see Soular Plexus), getting your child vaccinated by a little prick, sending your child to school to be indoctrinated by the State, signing your baby over to the State at birth, circumcision in Western countries, female genital mutilation in African countries, sex education for 9 year olds in schools. Smacking and caning children is still widely believed to be good for them, and there are calls in England for schools to bring back the cane.

All these things that are good for your baby or child, are part of the “being a good parent” programme. You are doing your duty as a good parent by doing all these things. Otherwise you are a bad parent, like I am, negligent, neglecting your duty.

All these things make the child more controllable and submissive by the State or the tribe or the head of household. they turn a wild child into a good obedient child. In the same way, a wife is more controllable and better behaved if she is regularly beaten or raped into submission.

So it seems to me that once upon a time, the duty of a good father was to rape his children. As it was also his duty to control his wife in the same way. Regularly, like a regular dose of medicine, you don’t want the effects wearing off. The raping of the child would be called sex education, to control the child, but also to prepare the child for the adult life of sex ahead of it. Raping children must have been deemed a worthy and noble and honourable thing to do at some point in history.

The most worthy and noble and honourable people in our culture are people like the Pope and the senior members of parliament and Judges, and the Royal Family. There seems to be a lot of paedophilia lurking in these most traditional and ancient hand-me-down inheritance lines.

Paedophile means a lover of children, so raping children was once equated to love. It reminds me of the government propaganda advert for the MMR vaccine back in the 90’s. If you did not get the vaccine for your child it was the equivalent of leaving your baby alone with a lion to be eaten. A good hard hitting advertisement showing exactly what it takes to do your honourable parental duty, love your child and get that prick in your baby. Otherwise you are so negligent that you would leave your baby to be eaten by a lion, not very loving is it ? Our whole society goes on a witch hunt against the bad parents who don’t love their children according to the programmed culture of the day. It is a challenge to stick to your truth and go against the culture.

Are paedophiles very confused ? On the one hand they have very heavy programming and conditioning of their mind that says this is good for the child. On the other hand they must be seriously disturbed in their spirit by what they are doing.

The parenting program is packed with phrases like “It’s good for you”, “Cruel to be kind”, “Love Hurts”, “No pain no gain”. It is preparing children for a lifetime of invasion in some form or another, and being a controlled slave.

I suspect the origin of this hand me down paedophilia is the Romans….

Roman history is extensively taught in schools in Britain over and over again, and through TV, newspapers, any medium they can invade us through. You never hear much about what it was like as a child or baby in Roman Times. Or even a woman. I suspect they have edited out that bit to comply with the current cultural taboo on sexual abuse of children. But it seems to me they are working on lifting that taboo and making it more normal and acceptable again. And even the morally right thing to do. (See Age of Consent).

Beating is still considered Good for kids. Beating and pain is often part of adult sex games. Not all child abuse is “sexual” on the face of it. But when a child is told to strip and bend over to be beaten, that smacks of sexual power and perversion to me.

I must confess at this point that I have smacked my children on occasions, despite having a belief that it is wrong to do so. It was a knee jerk reaction on each occasion. This is a carry on from my own upbringing where it was considered the right thing to do to a naughty child. My parents no doubt carried it on from their upbringing. When I was tired and at the end of my tether I reverted to the ways of my upbringing. I was filled with remorse and apologised.

So I am in this way like a paedophile, in the way I have carried on my inherited behaviour. I trust that I have diluted it so much at this generation that it will maybe not even pass on to the next generation at all. But you can see the general pattern.

Similarly, a paedophile or abuser may get addicted to the control and power he has, and pass on a worse inheritance than the one he or she received.

Nowadays, sex education for kids is through the internet, high street shops, school education programming, books, TV, videos, magazines. You can even watch live sex on Big Brother on prime time TV. Before long it will be considered a parental duty to sex educate your child, and the government will issue homework sex education packs to every parent.

Our culture is becoming more Romanised by the day.

It seems to me that the locked up box of childhood memories must be opened and is being opened. It is a Pandora’s Box, and it will unleash chaos and breakdown of our society. That is scary for most people. But surely the chaos that accompanies the truth is preferable to the order that allows continuing hand me down paedophilia ? I am glad that people feel able to talk to me about their childhoods, I think it helps open the Pandora’s Box of the world just to simply be able to hear them out.

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The works of Alice Miller on her theories of “poisonous pedagogy”, and how hand me down child abuse produces the likes of Hitler and Stalin. The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff, about the compulsion to repeat.

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Soular Plexus

It is common practice to CUT the umbilical cord at birth. The first experience of the new born baby is severance from its mother, from its supply line, from its source of unconditional love. Our welcome to the world is soul destroying.

The solar plexus is centred on the navel of our body. It is the source of an ancient wound, the mother of all wounds, the memory of the original soul attack. It needs healing.

In some cultures the umbilical is left untampered with until it is no longer needed, until it has stopped pulsating its love, until it withers and dies off. No trauma, no shock. Until we can return to this way of doing things, we are left to deal with a world of people that have been traumatised at birth. Deliberately so. Severing mother and baby is a bloody brilliant way of creating slaves.

Making slaves…
The US government, in their MKUltra program, has found that the best slaves are created by first giving intensive one-to-one love for some time, creating an attachment, a bond, a full flow of endless giving. Then the love is suddenly taken away. Severed. Cut. Shattered. Broken. The trainee slave is left floudering in shock with an open wound of attachment but with nothing at the other end, the flow of love suddenly stopped dead. The large emotional wound can then be manipulated, so that the trainee slave behaves lovingly to a new attachment, this time it is a slave master, a handler. Wouldn’t it be great if you could start this slave training at birth ?

Pain of Separation…
The modern world is packed with the trauma of separation of loved ones and the accompanying anger, pain and vulnerability. Heartbreak is normal, and I would say it is down to the sudden stopping of the flow of love. Premature separation while the love is still in full flow. The first time your heart breaks is that first cut at birth. Birth in the modern world leaves both mother and baby in some sort of post traumatic stress disorder. Their love broken. Could it be that everday heartbreak stems back to the very first cut ? Where on your body do you feel the pain ?

The Art of Suffering…
Suffering is part of our daily life, we seem to have turned it into an art form to worship. Look at Jesus suffering on the cross. Look at the suffragettes. Jesus is the baby of Mary, what happened to the umbilical ? The umbiblical birth was attended by the three Kings (KKK, or Klu Klux Klan), did they bring a pair of scissors along with their medical potions? Look at body art, body piercings, tatoos. They are there to be looked at. Look at my pain, look at my suffering, is this the only way I can tell people of my pain and suffering. Look at the pain I have suffered for my art, to tell you the message. The message is in the pain, and the message of the messiah is pain. Some people get their navel pierced, what is their message ? We carry on suffering until we hear the message.

Original Love…
Our first lover, our first intimate relationship, is with our mother. It is through our mother that we first learn what love is. It seems to me that this sets a blueprint for what we believe to be love. If your first experience is that love ends in cuttung searing pain, that is what you expect love to be. In the womb, you have a supply of food and the rhythm of the pulse of your mother to keep time. Unconditional Love. The soular plexus is the site of the original union, the origin of love, and the site of the cut.

Broken Heart…
The baby in the womb feels the flow of love through the umbilical, heartbeats in harmony, in rhythm, in perfect tune and in perfect time. Can you imagine what that is like for a newborn baby to have that cut off, after 9 months, what seems like a lifetime. Panic, shock, trauma. Similarly, what affect is this having on the mother, to have her love cut off so brutally ? Just when mother and baby are at their most vulnerable.

Pain of Love…
Does this lead to fear ? Fear of love, fear of the pain that is expected at some point. It can lead to fear of entering into love, fear of giving or receiving love, fear of opening up, for the more you open up to love, the bigger the wound will be. It can lead to a desire to “own” and control love, own your own personal love giver, always there always on for you, like a wife or wifi. It can lead to envy of love, and a desire to shatter the love of others. Do we all have an assocaition of love with pain and suffering ? What does this do to our precious soul ?

Navel Centre…
The solar plexus is the navel, it is where we centre our body, and navigate our way through life. The body is a ship of sorts, a vessel, an ark. It has all our resources, because it is the way back to the memory of the womb. The womb gives us everything we need. It gives us love and nourishment. All we have to do is retrace the memory and we will be guided. Naval is the way of the sea, and that is where we came from, living in the holy waters of the womb. The Vikings were able to navigate without charts and without the screensaver backdrop of stars and moon and sun. I think they navigated by tuning into their navel centre, the soular plexus.

One and Only Sun…
The solar plexus is the yellow chakra. The colour of the sun. I think we all join as one in unconditional love through the power of the navel. The sun radiates out, as does love. The sun warms us and heals us. My one and only son did some drawings of people when he was an infant, just stick figures, but he somehow knew to draw the navel radiating energy outwards. Kids see things that adults do not, and maybe he was lucky because I was able to delay the cutting of his umbilical until after he was breast fed.

Belly dance…
There are campaigns against fat people, but maybe they are sticking out their bellies in an effort to reclaim love, yearning for it. When we hug someone intimately, we meet at the wound of original love. There are campaigns to flatten your stomach, and get thin, but maybe this is a desire to hide from love, withdraw, and never risk giving or receiving love ever again. Big Ben is an attempt to replace Big Belly, replace our soul mating and our soular love with Big Ben’s tune and Big Ben’s pulse. Parliament will love ya. Parliament will provide your nourishment and nurture.

Pregnant women are often glowing and radiant when they are in full bloom of pregnancy, nourished by their shared love with their baby. Pregnant women expand at the waist as their baby grows, to the point that the original wound at the navel seems to disappear. Maybe they are reliving a time when they were joined in love by their own umbilical supply.

Gut feelings…
We feel our emotions in our gut, where the soular plexus is. Our true feelings and instincts tell us what to do FROM GUT FEEL, gut instincts. It is our emotional centre and our centre of love. We get gut wrenching pain when we are emotionally disturbed, tummy upsets and indigestion. Despite the severance, we all have a memory of the unconditional love that was once there. Westerners often eat too much food, and maybe that is to fill the void from not enough love, the food of love that coincidentally fills you up in the same place. Eat more, drink more, blot out the pain.

Feeding tubes…
Hospitals like to stick feeding tubes into people, especially dying people. The tube is made of plastic and supplies a constant drip of liquid diet of controlled nutrition. It enters into the body through the navel. The original wound is opened and fed astronaut style packet food. There is no love, only plastic. And I would say it is another soul destroying act performed by hospitals, this time at the end of life as we leave the world.

Navigation Guide…
The word guide is simlar to gut and good and god. Could it be that our true god is actually the soular guide held in our own body? The navel guide shows us how to act from love, how to be in a place of unconditional love. But also the same guide will tell you the pain. The navel guide teaches us the way of love, and maybe the way of jesus is through the gut feel. Jesus lives at the soular plexus, the one and only soular plexus that unites us all through love. (not through One World Government, that is in the mind).

The chord…
The cord is attached at one end to the mother at the placenta, play centre, you see love is about play ! And the cord is a chord of music, harmony, perfect time. Playing a tune. It is the music of love that feeds our soul, and it is love that is the best food of life. Tune in, intuition.

Post Natal Depression…
The placenta is known as the “afterbirth” once it has been delivered out of the mother’s body. Post natal means “after birth”. Many many women suffer post natal depression, which affects their ability to love their baby, and indeed love anyone else. Could this depression be due to the sudden severance of unconditional love ? Is it the same sort of feeling experienced when any other relationship of love suddenly ends ?

I would suggset that phallic Big Ben and the phallus are a diversion, an exciting exiting distraction, from pure unconditional love. The love that we constantly seek to mend our original broken heart, is to be found at the belly and the desire is to reconnect it to the inside of the womb. The driving force that sends the penis inside the womb seems to want to reclaim that lost love, like a quick fix of something once lost, and briefly restored. It seems to me that the penis is the wrong part of the body to connect, maybe the penis is held up to us as some sort of replacement umbilical cord so that we are lured onto worshipping the phallus instead of pure love. As always, I question why is anything going that way up the vagina anyway ?…. Suppose it was just love that went into the womb, no physical objects, just pure love.

Yellowing word…
I don’t like the word “yellow”. I prefer the word “jaune” from the French, with its soft “j” sound, similar to the French word “jeune” meaning young, and “june”, the month of midsummer and the sun. The Italian for yellow is “gialo”, so similar in sound to the English word “jealous”. Or even “jailhouse” or “gaolhouse”. Could it be that the word “yellow” was once “jellow”? Paper yellows with old age, paper is the skin of a tree. Someone who has yellowing skin has “jaundice”.

Jaundice occurs in over half of newborn babies, described as “normal”. Jaundice is caused by a failure in liver function, whereby the bodily waste products have nowhere to go. Why could that be, has something been cut off ? “Any condition that disrupts the movement of bilrubin from the blood to the liver and out of the body may cause jaundice”. Can you see the word BILrubin is similar to umBILical ? The umbilical is a waste disposal line as well as a supply line. Treatment of newborns may include an intravenous blood transfusion, as usual through a fake plastic umbilical cord, maybe the hospital could just have left the umbilical attached, and had some love to go with the plastic and the blood. What is the betting that all jaundice sufferers had their umbilical severed prematurely at birth ? Bilrubin is a yellow colour, no surprise there. The LIVER is the matching organ to the LOVER, the heart. LOVE and LIVE are a pair.

We can jel and bond together with pure love, but jealousy is surely the anticipation of the Pain of Separation, the mother of all wounds, a feeling of pain and panic, shock and trauma, manifesting in your gut. Jealousy separates us, and kills off love. Even something quite small can trigger your memory of The Pain of Separation, first felt at birth. And it will probably trigger the feelings of pain and panic, trauma and shock. The loss of pure unconditional love. It is through my own recent experience of jealousy that I have found my way back and overcome my jealousy.

Through the Pain Barrier…
You can probably see that in order to trace back our history to the hystery of original love, there is a huge pain barrier to pass through. The Pain of Separation. We have to go back through that pain to find out what pure original unconditional love is. The memory lies there always ready to be invoked. Maybe people and events will cross your path to help you if you are ready to do it, as they have mine. Maybe you already have found the way. Maybe you were lucky and had a more loving welcome to the world.

Swan love…
Swans are known for pairing for life, maybe they are symbolic of a union of unconditional love. The mating dance of swans shows them puffing out their bellies to join to each other at the soul, a soul mating. During their mating dance, the silhouette of their long necks forms a perfect heart shape.

I feel sure that everything can be healed if we desire to do so, and maybe the soular plexus is a good place to start.

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King Cnut

King Cnut is the Danish King that came to the throne of England in 1016, exactly 1000 years ago. That’s neat, a neat counting sort of number. King Cnut symbolises COUNTing, CUNTs, and CONTrol. Sometimes Cnut is written as Canute, Knut, or Knud. Spellchecker will probably rewrite Cnut as Cunt, showing us the spell that is cast by King Cnut.

United Kingdom…
Cnut ruled England and Denmark together, the union lasting 26 years. Maybe it was the first United Kingdom. Denmark is the oldest monarchy in Europe, England the second oldest. The first English King was crowned in Bath in 978. It didn’t take long for Denmark to butt in and get two cuntries. Are you counting, King Count, how many countries do you need ?

King Cunt…
The most important thing that a King rules over is the cunt, as this controls the breeding. Kings generally rule over whole countries, which can mean many millions of cunts to be counted. Too many to count. A King’s wealth and status depends on the size of his cunt count, how many cunts he owns and controls. Did you think you owned your own body ?

Count countries…
A King rules over a country. Kings do a lot of counting too. Obviously King Cnut counted two cuntries. These days, Denmark seems to be part of a group of four cuntries of Scandinavia, and so does England, which rules over Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. (at time of going to press).

In England there are regional sub-divisions of the country, called “counties”, places like Somerset, Cornwall, Buckinghamshire. And Kent. Within each county, there is a count of the population. You can find out how many quite easily. Add them all up, and you get the total count. This makes the King’s counting process easier.

In times gone by, regions of England were called “Hundred”. Maybe that is the number of cunts in each area, with boundaries drawn up to fence in one hundred cunts at a time. A hundred is sometimes known as “cent”, or century, marked by a letter ‘C’ in Roman numerals. Sometimes Cnut is called King Canute, which is more similar to centu, or centaur maybe. ‘C’ for a count of a hundred cunts. The cunt is the centre of everything. Everything revolves and spins around the cunt.

This is a term of affection bestowed upon a wife by her husband, it looks like a shortened form of “hundred”. It might be just another word for “cunt”, meaning one hundred, or century. Honey is a female symbol of the Queen Bee.

….are the parts that make up the whole. Or is it the womb hole, w.hole, since this post is about cunts. A modern day parliamentary constituency has boundaries drawn up to fence in roughly the same sort of numbers into each area, it must be part of the constitution, or cunstitution. A count of constituents is kept by getting everyone to regularly sign up to the electoral roll, otherwise they can’t vote and won’t count.

Count Roll Control…
The Electoral Roll is the list of all the cunts that have registered to vote. Stand up and be counted for God’s Sake. Save the cuntry ! The job of the electoral roll is counting the cunts that want to be counted. How many liberated women are there who want to be counted ? Because actually liberated women are fetching a good price these days, they are so willing to cunt and count, and therefore worth so much more. The role of the Electoral roll is to keep count. Lkke all things modern, it has a sort of self check-in method whereby you willingly stand up to be counted. Do it yourself counting, saves the King a lot of work.

Counting House…
The nursery rhyme goes “The King was in his counting house, counting out his money”. Lots of money to be made from cunts. And obviously all the cunts have to be housed somewhere, so much easier to count them.

Not housed ?
Then how can you be counted ? People of No Fixed Abode are really annoying to the authorities, they mess up the count. They go from one county to another and upset the numbers. Sometimes it means redrawing the boundaries to cope.

The bigger the numbers of cunts that King Cnut keeps, the harder it is for him to keep control and keep count. But he has a cunning plan. He can farm out the counting and control, delegate it. It is called “animal husbandry”. Maybe one farmer husband for each hundred cunts ? …or even better maybe one farmer per cunt ? Does that look like the friendly “per cent” thing we are all taught at school? per cunt, per cent….

Per Cuntage…
Maths exam question : If there are 100 farmers and 100 cunts in a county, what percuntage return will King Cnut get from his investment in farmers ? It’s great isn’t it, he can breed so many more new cunts this way, simply by farming it all out. Good business means learning how to delegate.

Family Tree…
And so the family tree is the Cunt Tree. Look at the way the numbers expand at each generation, clever eh ? Farmed families, farmed cunts, family farming, friendly family farming. It’s good profit for King and Cunttree.

Two cunts…
King Cnut started small with two cuntries, just like a modern day business. Look at the “%” sign. What do you notice? Looks like two circles and a rod to me. A rod is a rule, the King’s rule, a 6 inch ruler being something else you need to take into a Maths exam, a 6 inch rod being something you use to seed the cunt. The circle is the symbol of the female. O for female I for male. The rod goes into the hole for power. The power symbol on electronic devices is usually a line going into a circle. It seems the percent sign would be a good logo for King Cnut, one ruler, two countries. The same symbols appear in the number 100, which is a century.

Maths is about making mater, matter, mothers into automatics. It is going to destroy us all with numbing numbers, endless counting. Cunt with your fingers. Have we all been programmed since primary school ? Automatic breeding without the love. Breeding by numbers. Farming.

Selling Counts…
The King was counting his money, and if he owns lots of cunts, he can do good trade. Cunts are always in demand, it is the world’s oldest trade. Virgin cunts are probably worth more, hence the demand for paedophilia. Look how rich the King of Virgin is, you can call him Rich for short, or maybe Dick. The Virgin brand is highly profitable. The more cunts you own, the more you can shore yourself up against bankruptcy. The King is counting cunts, but he is also doing a stock take, counting the value of each cunt too. The word “value” looks like “valve” or “vulva” to me. Try swapping the words next time you see “value”. That is why everyone likes “good value for money”.

In Shore…
King Cnut is famous for sitting his throne on the shore and supposedly stopping the tide. (which obviously stops anyway whether or not his throne is there). The King is shored up by all his wealth, protected by it. Insurance is a protection racket, because the King is really very frightened at how he will survive without it. The more you get hooked on this sort of racket, the more you believe it is essential for survival, the more you fear, and the more you crave. The lesson is that the tide stops and turns anyway regardless of how much insurance you have. The water will go its own way. And if the tide doesn’t stop one day, your insurance won’t help because Acts of God are excluded.

The honorable and respected profession of accounting is one of the highest services to the King. His money must be counted somehow. Each cunt has a different value, cunts can be traded and stocked, and it is not as simple as just counting cunts, or even countries. There are all sorts of rules of the game.

Mono Poly Game…
With housing and banking, it is starting to sound like the game of Monopoly. Monopoly is based in London, just like King Cnut, and the banks. Poly-gamy is the game of multiple wives, multiple cunts, harems. Mono-gamy is the game of one wife. It seems that the King owns the whole lot, and the farmer or husband some sort of sub contractor, or business franchisee. It’s a Monopoly.

The Game…
…refers to prostitution, the original game of all. It seems that all women that belong to an official country (both Eastern and Western cults) are some sort of prostitute, to be traded, ultimately owned and counted by one King or another.

Queen Cnut…
All proper Kings have a Queen beside them. The nursery rhyme continues… “The Queen was in the Parlour eating bread and honey”. What does the Queen get up to while the King is counting his millions of money of cunts ? She is the Bee of course, she needs honey or hunny to fatten her, and bred for breeding. Good breeding.

The UK parliament is the model for the rest of the world. Just like the UK’s Queen Elizabeth and Queen-to-Bee Kate are models on magazine covers. The parliament is the Queen’s parlour, the polite front room where the (cer)vicar comes for tea. It’s a facade, a polite political tea party facade, with lots of opposition to create opposite poles and more polling. It is a cover story like the cover story of the Queen and Kate on the magazines.

Honey from polling…
The Queen gets her honey from polling (See Polling Nation). There is so much polling now, I think that maybe a cross in the box every 5 years is not enough to feed her any more. She needs them all year round. Not enough honey. Not enough in bred. She seems to need a constant drip feed of polling these days. I guess it’s another form of the polling game, polygamy.

Counting votes…
…another counting job for the Monarchy, it seems to be the primary role for the King. The King is there to count. Except he has worked out he can sub-contract some drones do it for him and report back. I hear you can get a good count of money for counting votes.

Women be counted…
Many women say they vote because the suffragettes died to get us counted. Maybe we can start a new religion and wear an effigy of a dead suffragette around our necks. Women, do you want to be counted ? Go on, be a number ! That is what the men do, it must be good.

Archbishop of Canterbury…
…is leader of the Church of England. Canterbury is where Cnut landed. And you can see that Canterbury is named after Cnut. Canterbury is capital of the county of Kent, also named after Cnut. The Queen or King is head of the Church of England. The C of E was formed when England split with Europe, when King Henry VIII wanted his divorce but the Pope refused. Now we are splitting up with Europe again, will we have a new church ? Will it be a church of liberated women voters ? Churches like to count their numbers, just like the King. It is the size of the congregation that counts. Maybe they count the hymens or hymns too? Hymns usually have a number… And now we will sing hymen number 263. Let us stand and be counted.

Horses canter, a nice smooth run compared to the racing gallop, or the rising foxtrot. Nice girls, especially Royalty, have to sit side saddle on a horse. It’s so the canter doesn’t break the hymen, we can’t have the horse claiming the virgin. Virgins count for more, they are worth more. There is a lot going on with girls and ponies, girls love ponies don’t they, but we can’t have the PONIES stealing the job of the PENIS.

Count Sell…
Kings traditionally have a counsel to advise them, it must be to advise them on business deals to do with counting and selling. These days “counsel” is a barrister in Court. The top barristers are called “Queen’s Counsel” or QC. You can see that the Court system is all about the Monarchy and counting and controlling the cunts. Courtship is the old fashioned name given to pursuing a cunt. Regions of England have “councils” which are an extension of the Monarchy power to control, count, and report back to the King. Counselling is an up and coming profession, a growth industry, and I am beginning to think it is about thought control.

Fight for King and Country…
King Cnut’s cunt farmers are also useful for fighting wars. Although that does mess up the home farming a bit, but hey we can always breed some more farmers, it only takes a properganda campaign like the recent ine in Denmark that has produced a baby boom. Farmers can turn into soldiers. Soldiers invade cuntries, like farmers invade cunts to breed. It is the same skill set. Soldiers can aquire a whole cuntry and its contents for the King, a farmer can only produce one new cunt at a time. It is just a different sort of method to acquire more cunts to be counted. Colonies of cunts. It doesn’t matter how many men are lost and bled in battle as long as there are still plenty of cunts for breeding, and probably bleeding too.

River Kennet…
The River Kennet was once the River Cunnit. It sources at the SwallowHead (!) Springs, a sacred site at Avebury in the County of Wiltshire, and it empties into the River Thames or Isis. Avebury is the epicentre of crop circles in the whole world and also reputedly contains the most complex crossover of Earth Energies. An incredible ceremonial landscape. I wonder if the cunt of the female body boasts the same amazing energies? Are the crop circles that are found in farmer’s fields symbolising the planting of male seeds in female Earth, to later reap the harvest and the financial reward.

Kennet and Avon Canal…
The Kennet and Avon Canal, KA Canal, or Carnal Kate Canal. A carnal canal known as Cunnit, great stuff. The canal is also known as The Queen of the Waters. No wonder Kate’s births are linked to Bath where the KA canal begins to rise out of the City of Bath. The people who live on the canal are not housed, and many are of no fixed abode, not always in the same county, so are difficult to count, and difficult to get on the electoral roll. They don’t fit into the counting system properly, and huge efforts are being made by the authorities to make them fit.

Count the Horses…
There are lots in this post. The suffragette symbolically died under the Kings Horse. Horses are taken to war to fight for King and Cuntry. Police use horses to maintain the decrees of the Queen’s polite political parlourment. A centaur (center, canter, canuter) is a crossbreed man and horse, oh what happened there, King Cnut ? The K and A canal was built for horses to pull trade boats between Bath and London, the two coronation cities of England. But the horses are now banned from the towpath! Except…. there is one place where there is a tourist horse drawn boat… “Kintbury”.

King Cannot…
The King does not have a cunt. So he can’t do what the cunt does. He cannot grow a baby. It maybe why he is driven to own so many cunts and be so shored up and insured for life. It is a desire to replace the security which was taken away from him so brutally young. (Please see Consume Ate). Methinks only love will solve this one, and the fake love and adulation of adoring owned subjects bestowed upon their king (or any idol) is not the real thing.

King Cant…
But the King can make spells or cantations so that he can decant from the cunt, decant the blood, and the brood. There is a lot of misspelling in this post, can you count the different spellings of Cnut ? Have you noticed that a “spell” is also a period of time. A missed spell maybe a missed period, and therefore a successful pregnancy. MIss spell sounds like the spell cast by a virgin.

Sometimes King Cnut is written Knud, like Kundalini. Knud line, the line of Cnut. And maybe this is the crux of the matter. The King is controlling the Kundalini of his country, by controlling and counting, numbering and numbing the cunts. I have a government number, it’s called a National Insurance number, to insure the nation against what exactly ? I think I am just paying into King Cnut’s cunt count fund. Those that have read my earlier posts will know that I am curious about the possibilty that women can conceive without sperm via parthenogenesis. To conceive, it seems one of the essential requirements is for the kundalini to be rising into an orgasmic state. I doubt that numbed cunts can do this ( Please see Custom of Excision), and therefore the orgasm of the male inside the womb is required to ignite the conception. To control cunts and kundalini is to control conception, the very origin of our selves. It is a form of contraception (control ception) to stop girls getting themselves pregnant. Maybe more on that another time.

….is a rude word, maybe because it implies that all you are is a cunt to be a counted and controlled. A number. I don’t think “hunny” is any better. Talking of which, hospitals like to numb cunts at birth, so noone feels the birth properly. Maybe we need a new word for a very sacred space. And maybe we need to make the space more sacred than it currently cuntly is.

Twin Cuntries…
Two cunts entwined and united under one King, like Denmark and England once were. All countries are female, as all Earth is, and all boats are. The Danish flag is the inverse of the English flag. Denmark has 3 male lions to symbolise its Royal Coat of Arms, as does England. There are 4 countries of Scandinavia, and 4 of the UK. They are both seafaring nations, with a long history of seamen, and semen.

The two countries are currently linked by political rulers. The recently removed Danish Prime Minister is married to Neil Kinnock’s son, who is now a Welsh MP. (Neil Kinnock is ex leader of the Labour Party). So 1000 years on from King Cnut, there is a fragment of repeating history joining the Queen’s parlourment of the two countries. Will Kinnock be Prime Minister one day ? Does “Kinnock” look like King or Knut ? And is there any breeding control to determine who becomes Prime Minister, just like the Royals are controlled ?

Farming Pigs…
Denmark originally joined Europe to protect its “agricultural exports” to Britain, mainly Danish Bacon to feed the piggy gluttonous Great British breakfast habit. The British breakfast originates from farmers. And now I am wondering what else is an agricultural export ? Are human females being exported and traded too ? Are the Kings keeping count ? Are they trading us ? Are they cross breeding us ? Is all trade a cover story for the one and only trade of cunts ?

Cunt Affairs…
Current affairs are controlled by the media. They control the currents and the cunts and the affairs that take place around the cunt. They tell us about affairs of State, and the affairs of celebrities. Most newspapers have dating sites to aid and abet the cunt affairs. Newspapers have the current date. They manipulate the markets and our emotions. All current affairs seem to come back to the centre of everything, the cunt. Peel off all the layers and covers and cover stories, and that is what we are left with. The current affair at the moment has laid it all bare, the affair with Europe is over.

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St John’s Water

St John’s Day is 24th June, 24/6, a neat number. This year it coincided neatly with the referendum result. Too much of a coincidence for me. The referendum was designed to damage us and spilt us up, causing fear, hate, and conflict. Divide and conquer. St John’s is symbolic of water and healing. Take your pick as to where you put your attention and energy.

St John is a healing herb and a Day, and a Masonic Order in the watery City of Bath.

There is a choice between love and hate, which is symbolised by St John.

Hate has a cause.
Hate is self-defence caused by fear. It is putting up blocks and walls, and pre-emptive strikes against those you fear. Self D fences.
Politics whip up hate. Hate is a crime against love. Hate crime.
Hate blocks love.

Love just is. Love is always.
Love flows automatically unless it is blocked or damned up, in this age of damning damage.
Let it flow.
The flow of love is the flow of life.

Love flows like water, love heals like water. Blocked water stagnates and changes form. It is damned by Damnation.
Love flows and love flowers.

St John’s churches are always found near water (like Mary churches). St John is the baptist, baptising babies in a bath of water.

I think John means JOIN. To join a baby to the breast and feed it with the flow of milk is the true baptism for the flow of life to continue. Joning the baps and tits, both being euphemisms for breasts. To cut the umbilical cord prematurely is to divide and conquer, causing a floundering panicking isolated disconnected baby, full of fear from birth. Blocks of panic and damage already programming the newborn mind.

The cutting of the umbilical cord is like the biblical beheading of St John by cutting his spinal cord. It cuts off the essential joining, the flow of life, the supply.

To bathe a baby in water is to remind it of its source, where it came from, the watery place inside the womb that is its past life. Where it was joined in pure love to its mother through the umbilical cord, an unconditional supply of food and nurture and love.

St John’s Wort is a healing herb with amber coloured flowers that is in flower on St John’s Day. Wort is like worter or water, or wart. Somehow wartime seems to be an abuse of the word water, and the current wartime is the war on the water current. The wort flowers and the worter flows.

St John’s Wort is known by many names : Heal All, Grace of God, Warrior’s Wound, Amber, Touch and Heal, and Herb of St John. It’s Latin name is Hypericum perforatum, which reminds me of a perforated hymen. It’s good for schizophrenia, so would be good treatment for a country following a personality splitting referendum. It’s good for varicose veins, a blood flow problem frequently brought on by pregnancy. It cures mania, especially referendum mania, protects against hydrophobia (fear of water). It is an antidote to Snake Bite, would be useful in the Garden of Eden after Adam A Dam, does he dam the flow of water ?

Maybe St John’s Wort is simply a good way of healing our flow, unblocking the way of love. I think all healing herbs are about tapping into forgotten memory. Once upon a time, we had pure love. The memory exists somewhere.

The red pigment from the crushed amber coloured flowers of St John’s Wort is said to signify the blood of St John after his beheading. It is like cutting off the giant head of the placenta. The placenta is the point at which the cord attaches to the mother.

At the other end of the cord is the navel, the solar plexus, a very much underrated part of our body. The beheading is the divide, the damage, the unjoining, the unJohn, John is no more, joining is no more. We are disjointed.

The cutting of the umbilical is the first cut, the first division. It is the ribbon cutting ceremony so favoured by Royalty. The solar plexus stores the memory of the cut and the accompanying pain and panic. It also stores the memory of the flow of love, the pure love that was there before. We can access both memories. Our memories can be activated by triggers, the herb activates the memory of love. Modern day media activates the pain and panic and fear.

St John’s Day is in the sun sign of cancer, symbolised by 69, the crab, the mother shielding her baby in the womb. Cancer symbolises the joining of the baby to its home of pure love.

The City of Bath is where the Order of The Bath began. Every year on St John’s Day, there is a Masonic procession from the site of the ancient Temple of Diana in Twerton to the Abbey. The volcano of Bath and the natural Hot Springs reminds me of the pure flow of love supplying from the mother through the placenta to the baby. Bath is a sort of play centre, placenta, and I think it draws people in. But unfortunately the supply is very much blocked by the Roman Georgian gluttony and greed, endless buildings of walls, and modern Roman ticks replace the pure unblocked flow of love.

Bath Abbey is where the Monarchy began in 978. The Queen is Sovereign of the Order, and Prince Charles is Grandmaster. But of course we are each sovereign and master over our own self. The political elections make us forget that we have our own power. It is stored in the memory of pure love in our solar plexus.

Love and hate are both emotions. I think that the modern religion of “Mind Body Spirit” is missing out on emotions. E-motions. Mind Body Spirit map to Fire Earth Air. But as usual, someone forgot to add in the fourth element of water. Water is highly electromagnetic and I think this is our flow or block of emotions. Electromagnetic motions are highly sensitive. The emotions have been whipped up by the media for the referendum. It’s easy, you just provide triggers to trigger the memory of everyone’s earliest panic of cutting and severance.

I have never liked the word “yellow”, nor the primary colour yellow we are taught about in school. I think the word and colour of “amber” are much nicer, and maybe the solar plexus chakra is not yellow, but more amber coloured, like the flower of St John’s Wort.

St John’s Wort is known as “Heal All”. Love and water are the great flows and flowers of life. Our bodies are mostly water, we come from water in our past life in the womb. Love and water both heal. Emotions are water. If the water is in perfect harmony then it is the flow and the flower of love. All we have to do is remove the blocks that are in the mind, and allow the love in our body to flow.

The referendum is over, and we are back to exactly the same choice we always have. Choose love or hate. Flower like the wort, flow like the water. Heal all. Love all.

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