Hot Springs Go Cold

Here in Bath, the world famous Hot Springs are cooling down. I went to the Thermae Bath Spa last Thursday 2nd Feb, and the warm waters were only swimming pool temperature. It was a cold day, but I have been there before on a cold day, and the waters are still very warm and relaxing. I complained, and was eventually told that “the boiler is up to full capacity”. Nearly fell for it! They don’t have a BOILER. They have a COOLER. The cooler cools down the hot springs to a tolerable temperature, and the heat extracted is used for the rest of the building. So what is going on?

Despite my complaint, they continued to let more people in, only telling them that the showers were a bit cooler today, to prepare them to believe the lie about the boiler I assume. I checked on Sunday, and the cool shower notice was still up there. So that is 4 days of the so-called boiler not working properly.

I later realised they were sort of telling the truth. Because if the Hot Springs is the boiler, then it is indeed less hot than usual. I checked out the temperature at the Roman Baths, which should be as hot as the water out of your hot tap. It was only hand hot, about 40 degrees. On Friday, the town was measuring three degrees colder than the hills, which is unheard of. The Big Freeze set in across the country as the Hot Springs started to cool.

They won’t want to make this public. They might not even know what is going on. To me it is obvious.  The whole planet is building up for an immensely exciting and renewing change this December 21.12.12. Part of this change is the old energy points of the Earth being replaced with new ones. Aquae Sulis, Bath, is one of the most powerful energy points in the world, despite having several layers of cities plonked right on top of it. Other changes may be taking place already elsewhere, or maybe Bath is one of the first on the journey to transition.

Do not fear. I have every confidence that the changes to come will heal our planet and humanity from the current horrors and chaos and control going on. All will be fine. Enjoy the ride.



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One Response to Hot Springs Go Cold

  1. Who’s messing with the hot springs? The Town Council? This is theft. Start a campaign to have the waters put back to the right temperature.

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