Know Your Blood Group

Big trouble getting this one up too. Gone italic! I didn’t do that!

There are only 15% O blood group people. O blood is being stockpiled and they are stepping up the program to get more. Via the blood transfusion service. O blood can go into anyone! I believe that this is because they are trying to make more people o group via the blood transfusion service. For their benefit not ours as usual. AB can receive any blood. I believe they are trying to eliminate AB blood which is the oldest blood type, hence AB-origine, aborigine. AB is rare, about 4% . They can’t do it, not enough time left and they are panicking. There has been a find of a 7 million year old human skull in Australia. They are trying to create “mutants” who fear the sun. There is some sort of truth in the Dracula stories! They are encouraging teenage girls to eat more red meat, supposedly for improving iron in the blood. O blood can mutate to A if people become vegetarian. I don’t yet know where A and B fit in. O seems to have some truth seeing property.

Onto the charges…. A – mother producing a + baby is a big problem for them, so they have to inject the mother with something called anti D. When I last gave birth in 1997, this was one shot immediately after birth, too groggy to argue. Now they offer 2 shots in pregnancy as well, for your own good of course. I am pretty sure they are trying to break the mother baby bond somehow, which I am guessing is most powerful with this particular polarity combination. I have spent my entire mothering journey fending off interference to the mother child bond. This is their ultimate target for complete control. Despite their best efforts, we are all doing pretty well, though there is still plenty of work to do to deprogram my kids, and fight off hospitals, and schools, and courts.

I also think there will be other factors in opposite polarities such as male female sexual attraction, and am guessing that the required domesticity of marriage will generally encourage people of same polarity to get together. Why? They don’t want opposites to attract, too powerful somehow.

Try finding out people’s blood groups. Most people don’t know. At school, they no longer test it in science, due to health and safety. It costs £25 to find out even though they stole the blood in the first place. Constant blood tests for various suspected disorders keep their records up to date with any mutations in the blood. They seem to be interested in the maternal line, and the institution of marriage neatly disguises that.

In Hong Kong, the – blood is down to less than 1%. It is pretty low in Asia in general. They are known for their robotic way of working. My guess is that humans become drone like when everyone in a group is of the same polarity. It would only take one person of the opposite charge to completely alter the dynamics of the group. Possibly, they use this to control a group of + charge people by introducing a – charge “leader” of the group. Hong Kong was 100 year British experiment. Recently completed. The last governor of Hong Kong was Chris Patten, who was my MP in Bath, responsible for driving out individual small businesses out of Bath, to pave the way for the big chain stores, and the building of Southgate, which now houses the new Masonic lodge, I am fairly certain.  I think a study of Hong Kong blood groups would throw up some interesting information. I don’t think you would need to find out many people’s blood groups to see a pattern emerge. And if they don’t want us to know, it must be something we need to know!

On a slightly related topiic, I have noticed two 13 year olds, one boy, one girl, both sporty, being told they “need” operations on their knee.  MRI scans are required, blood tests no doubt, and I am guessing blood transfusions. I have also found that blood can mutate group by bone marrow transplant, which would explain the increase in that activity. 13 year olds are targeted because they need dumbing down and making sicker, and reducing their fertility, just as they reach their prime. Everyone “needs” braces nowadays too, have you noticed? 2 years of heavy metals constantly in your mouth. Why? Can’t smile so well for a start.

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