Jesus, da Vinci and Chakra

I have never been a Christian, and never will be, but I am now a big fan of Jesus. This is why.

I was at the Bath Spa last week, a powerful earth energy point. Whilst there, I felt compelled to stand in the position depicted in da Vinci’s Vetruvian Man. I haven’t seen the drawing for years and only recalled the part with the legs apart and the arms horizontal. It is an exhilarating powerful pose, and feels like it conducts energy up through your body, though this may work differently for men.

I then found out that this position is very good for aligning your body chakra points, which start from the red root chakra at the base of your torso, and rise up to the 7th crown chakra at the crown of your head.

I have suffered from migraines for many years since some very bad things happened in my life. Sometimes the migraine manifests as a ring of pain round my head, which has reminded me of the crown of thorns round Jesus’s head on the cross. So I looked at Jesus on the cross, an effigy which I have never liked, and noticed how his body is crumpled with all his chakra damaged or misaligned. They killed Jesus to shut him up. He was onto the truth. How have they got so many people to worship the destruction of such a great man? His legs are crossed to prevent the root chakra working. The crown of thorns stops the crown chakra working, and all the rest in between are messed up too. The nails in his hands will affect his Qi energy lines. So if the destruction of Jesus is represented by an effigy showing his chakra power messed up, that is quite clearly what they meant to destroy.

Now look at the shape of the cross, behind Jesus. The shape represents Jesus’ body crumpled up, his chakra broken. This is the shape that is used to build a Church. Churches worship the destruction of Jesus. The Nave is where Jesus’s navel is. The trancepts are defined in the dictionary as arms or wings. The altar is where Jesus’s crown chakra is, and purple is the colour used for the altar, the colour of the crown chakra. The arms are too short and not out straight as in the da Vinci pose.

So I conclude that Jesus was teaching people the power of chakra as well as being against the money lenders. He was also humiliated by having to drag the cross, the symbol of  broken chakra, through the streets of Jerusalem, the centre of  money lending corruption. And down a street named the Via Dolarosa. Read it as Via Dollar Rosa. Makes more sense. I also believe that the nails through his hands were targeting his Qi energy lines.

It is important to distinguish between Jesus, Christianity and God. Jesus was a truth seeker, and was killed for it. The Powers That Be then hijacked his following and called it Christianity, which is based on worship of the Cross, which is anti-Jesus. God is a much misused word, and I would like to use a different word,  Oneness, to refer to the universal spirit that connects us all.

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