There are Four Jerusalems

There is Jerusalem in Israel, the one everyone knows about.

Interference again! Must be a good one…..

There is a full size model of Jerusalem in Utah USA, built by the Mormon church. Must have cost a lot, and conveniently ready about now, 2012.

Jerusalem is based on a walled city, and a square mile. A square mile has sides of length 1. Hence 1111 describes the square. This is a favourite Illuminati number. Watch out for it!

Jerusalem number 3 is described in the hymn Jerusalem. It is mysteriously, in England! I have decoded the first verse which tells you where it is. I think it is Bath, under the existing Georgian city. The original land goes down much deeper than the current city and should be shaped like a bowl. Jerusalem in Israel is a squared off bowl, and all streets lead down to the centre, so you always know your bearings. All the Jerusalems are set up by the Illuminati/masons as centres of their evil power. They love squaring the circle, and they love their 1111. Their password is “I am standing on the square”. Squares are not found in nature. Anything square is Masonic, not natural.

Back to the hymn. “mountains green” represents the beautiful 7 hills of Bath. Despite being a city, we still have “the holy lamb of God” on the hills around the city. The “countenance divine” is the face of water, possibly the Goddess of water. The word “divine” is used to divine water,  and I believe “divinity” means water. “countenance” means face or expression. The original natural Bath Hot Springs were “unequalled”, though now their power is much weakened by plonking layers of city and evil on top of them. The “dark satanic mills” are in evidence as part of the cloth industry, which is no more. I think the “clouded hills” refers to the chemtrails.

Add to that the fact that the Masonic influence is very great here in Bath. More on that later. Ralph Allen built the current Georgian Bath in the shape of masonic symbols. He ripped out stone out ofbthe beautiful hillside to do so. His house, Prior Park is now a Catolic School. Their logo bears 2 keys crossed, and a sword pointing upwards. And this is an educational establishment for children? Very masonic. Bath was a fashionable retreat for the upper classes of London,and Jane Austen is a bloody good cover story. Everything done in the history of Bath represents abuse of the best water in the world.

I am coming round to thinking that the Trinity is in fact the Sun, the Earth, and Water. Water is the Divinity.

And finally the fourth Jerusalem. I have not done much research on this one, but the City of London is the centre of the worlds’ power and money lending. It is One Square Mile. Looks like a good candidate!


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