Clock the Clocks

The Illuminati/One World Gov/Masons/The Powers That Were (whatever you want to call those that are now losing their grip on power) love CLOCKS. They are everywhere. On stations, shops, church towers. We have loads of them in our homes. We carry them around with us as watches, phones, car clocks. Children are trained from early on to be woken up by clocks, and  to change activity according to the clock.

People of all ages keep saying that time is getting faster. That is just an expression and of course we KNOW it can’t be true because each day is exactly 24 hours long and that never changes. But suppose the hours themselves are getting shorter?

Some older clocks are running on batteries. But most clocks are linked to the Internet or mobile phone network. And I don’t know about you, but I seem to be constantly adjusting all my clocks to make sure they are all the same. It’s as if the mechanisms are not so good these days. I ring Tim the Speaking Clock on 123 to get the correct time. He gets it from Big Ben. So do the Internet and mobile phone lot. So ultimately, pretty much all our clock time is dictated by Big Ben. Which sounds suspiciously like Big Brother to me.

Where does Big Ben get the time from? Why is Big Ben such a big tall tower? Big Ben is an astronomy tower. Big Ben’s job is to look at the stars and the planets, and convert astral time into 24 equal divisions called hours. If the Earth speeds up, the hours get shorter. If the Earth slows down, the hours get longer. But we have been tricked into believing that an hour is always the same amount of time.

So we still try and eat 3 meals a day, but we might need only 2. We race around faster to fit the same achievements into less time. Journeys take more hours, but possibly less time than they used to. It is all camouflaged by changes to working days, faster cars and trains, more traffic, more food etc. And twice a year, we adjust our clocks to make sure they are up to date, and we don’t really notice that they might be slowly shifting over time.

I am doing a little experiment with my battery clock, my mobile, my computer and The Speaking Clock, by noting their time every 2 weeks or so, without adjusting it. And we will see what happens!

To live in real time instead of clock time, you have to tune into yourself and the sunrise and sunset. Eat when you are hungry, sleep when you need to sleep, and go at a pace that suits your natural body rhythm whenever you can

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10 Responses to Clock the Clocks

  1. Carolyn Bird says:

    Hi Julia

    Your Blog looks well populated and great to read – i’ll forward the address to adrian so that he can keep in touch with what you’re up to and finding out…

  2. Michelle says:

    That was fascinating and something I never thought about and I love your style of writing.
    When is your next post?

    • suliwebster says:

      Might be a post out later today, if not, by the end of the week. I usually write a couple a week at the moment, and sometimes a Ramble on my other blog,, but I don’t tie myself to any time constraints !
      Yes, it’s funny what is really obvious once you see it, but hidden when you don’t! Once you see it, you then see it everywhere. I have been writing quite a bit about time recently, including Time and Place, Time Tunnel, Time Lord, Blinded By The Light. Just digging deeper and deeper into it all, trying to unravel how we got to be here, and how things got to be the way they are now…

  3. Michelle says:

    Thank you I will look out for your article.
    Is there a time delay on when you look at comments?
    I will take a look at the site you give as reading some of your other posts have brightened my day.

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks Michelle, I am very glad that my blog has brightened your day!
      At the moment I check the blog most days, but sometimes I stop for a few days for a break from screens and the internet. Sometimes longer in the summer when I am away. The first time someone comments it goes through “approval” before publishing, but after that, it should go through straight away.

  4. Michelle says:

    yes it has. i am seeing things differently already and it gives hope.
    Thank you.

  5. Michelle says:

    can you tell me when you are next logged in live as i have concerns about one of your articles that is not just scary but i think i can compliment it.
    I would prefer to chat for a few minutes where we get instant answers and feedback, i am uncomfortable with todays censor rubbish.

  6. Mick says:

    Ah, Big Ben/Big Cock – but we’ve done that now.

    Flat Earth, crystal dome, ice wall. Tolkien’s Elven cosmology says it all. So does Norse.
    Orthodox history and mythology are corruptions – Anatoly Fomenko may have a point.
    Rudolf Steiner was wrong about the sun, but he was a lying Theosophist who decided to go Xtian.
    Shift happened in 1603 with death of the Faerie Queen, last incarnation of Brigantia.
    Everything is run by spooks – spy ritual is spot on.
    Notice how the ascended masters are getting desperate?
    Cold turkey coming up. They cut the shit too much, not getting the hit any more.

    • suliwebster says:

      Faery and Pharoah very similar. Faroes islands owned by Denmark, North of Scotland, sounds like Pharoahs to me. A Danish ferry is a faery (or something similar). Brigantia sounds like a bridge to the other world, same as pharoahs were said to have had. Fair Rose is a pretty English girl. Fare Rose is when they up the bus ticket prices. Buses and ferries and girls are bridges to other worlds too.
      First British Monarch of current monarchy, was 978. That is a long 600 year overlap until the faery monarchy eliminated. (though it will live on somewhere somehow, it always does).

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