Power Points

The Earth is criss crossed by lines, known as leylines. These lines are determined by water dowsers, or diviners, who have the skills to find water, using divining rods. I believe that “rod” and “divine” in the Bible refer to the beautiful life force of water.

If you think this is a load of mumbo jumbo, then look at the Scillies where there is no mains water, and boreholes had to be made to access water. The site of the boreholes was determined by water dowsers. I can’t even type the word dowser without getting interference! Must be on to something big!

Certain points on the leylines or energy lines are more powerful than others. The really powerful ones I call Power Points. An expression somewhat misused by Microsoft! Water seems to have incredible electromagnetic properties, as do human beings. If you stand or walk on a power point you can feel very energised. Not only that, but you help create positive forces through the Earth, and radiating around. Even better, stand in the da Vinci pose depicted by the Venturian Man. A friend of mine has had great healing powers from a power point in Manila and I know the Hot Springs of Bath are very powerful too, possibly the most powerful in the world. Most of the best ones have a big city or power station or landfill site or church etc dumped on top to deliberately diminish their power. But there are plenty of smaller ones around. Iron Age Hill forts are a good example. They knew what they were doing.

I believe there are male and female power points, with Bath being female, as represented by the Celt goddess Sul, who was subsequently hijacked by the Roman Goddess Sulis Minerva, who looks like a male face with female hair! Don’t trust the Romans.

If two people link up by standing on different power points simultaneously, you can create a tremendous healing force for yourselves and along the lines  between, and radiating out. For example, Bath to Manilla is a very good line going through Europe, Afghanistan, Iran and Delhi. The line is strong, as are the two power points. All you have to do is feel the energy coming through the Earth, and draw it up through you to the sky. It can work indoors, and on Tarmac etc, but the power is reduced. This is all just advanced science. It is like an electric current. Humans are conductors.

I am working on the theory that there are combinations of male female power points and male female people on them that are more powerful than others. Also, your blood group might have an influence. There may be possibilities with lines going straight through the centre of the Earth too, and also reflective points, reflecting on the Earths true main line which goes through the Isle of Wight and Oxford, not Greenwich. And is drawn from magnetic North, not the fake North pole marked on the maps.

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3 Responses to Power Points

    • suliwebster says:

      Yes, I agree Paul, though I think we are probably all Adam and Eve hybrids, not just those “in power”.
      I see the sky as some sort of glass ceiling, maybe a crystal christ.al.mighty ball, in the centre of our planet which is a womb we are inside. I think the mind is the matter that has been mined from the womb, hence very similar anatomy terms for head and womb.

      I wrote a piece about “Nature’s Free Internet” awhile back. I think if we revert to the free version, then we do not consent to the upgrade that is coming. If only one person goes down this path, then that is information available for all, it opens up the possibility for all. I increasingly practise using the free version, and am getting better results with practise ! Most of my writing these days involves very little use of the internet to look things up or research… information and people generally cross my path as I need it. Instead of phoning or texting people, I just place them in my mind.

      We live too much in the mind, we need to go back to body and spirit. If you can’t break your addiction to the internet, then you fuel the Draco power, they are sucking us into being TOTAL MIND BEINGS with the internet. (Is Stephen Hawking in the news?). The internet is the new mind grid, and it is programmed with horrible imagery of war, slavery and paedophilia, and wikipedia is busy rewriting the facts. It is the magic net, mag.net.ic. The internet has slavery to prop it up, (who made your computer, and what horrors of human suffering were uploaded in the process?) and the internet enables more paedophilia. (See Centre for Exploiting Missing Children). We are the users, the perpetrators, we feed the remote horrors ourselves by our insatiable demand for modern ways. The evil ones don’t commit the evil deeds, they get us to do it to each other, to our kindred spirits. The good news is that if we are the ones doing it, then we have the power to stop it. Which means drop out of modern life.

      And here I am still on the internet. (but reducing how much I am here).


      • Mick says:

        I can only agree, but then I have never listened to my own advice, it always takes someone else’s mirror to show me.

        Better Than Life is here now, the Time of Choosing has come.

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