The Wizard of Oz

The Powers That Were (TPTW) are not really as powerful as they would have us believe. It is like the Wizard of Oz…. A little old man behind a big screen in a grand building with a megaphone. Their biggest weapon is fear. There is a film called The Secret of Oz on YouTube which unravels the mysteries of  the Oz story. I have only seen the beginning so far, but hope to watch more soon.

So the trick is to not fear them, then they can’t get you. Nearly everything we do is controlled by fear in some way. Fear of being ostracised by friends and family, fear of losing your home or your job, fear of being told off, fear of failure, fear of what people think. Fear of people knowing who you really are, fear of punishment, fear of having your kids taken away, fear of going outside in the rain, fear of getting muddy, fear of disease! fear of people who are in a different category to you. It is all spread about by those in charge to control us, turn us all against each other, create wars, and generally create negative energy vibes everywhere. We have all got used to it and accept it as normal.

So let go of the fear, climb out of your box, enjoy life, and run it yourself. The Powers That Were are tightening up all their Draconian laws, but they can only win by creating fear. I am confident that they will not win. I can tell by their panicky behaviour! How soon we win depends on how soon we collectively let go of our fear.

Most “laws” are made for their benefit, not ours. The Justice System is about 90% unjust, chasing after the small fry, while the paedophiles go free. It is not an accident. It is designed that way. Most “laws” are Acts of Parliament which can only be enforced BY CONSENT! Not many people know this, including the police and judiciary! Which means if you know what you are doing, you can get out of driving licenses, taxes for playing music etc etc. There is a really good group called Lawful Rebellion, set up be Brian Gerrish, who are doing a lot of work to do with the legal system. They are not criminals or scroungers or terrorists, but people determined to get the power out of evil hands and back to humanity.  Check them out, and get informed.

Terrorists now include people like me, who blog! investigative journalists, and peaceful protestors. There are plans to round us all up into camps, as has already started, particularly in the US. So terrorist means a threat against the state, which is of course TPTW! The real terrorists are TPTW! They have been terrorising us for thousands of years. Time for us all to realise what is going on and take back our power by not playing their silly game any more.

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One Response to The Wizard of Oz

  1. Mick says:

    They can get you through love, too, but that’s more subtle. Douglas Adams was right – we are each powered by an infinite improbability drive stored in a heart of gold. Just gotta find that button.

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