Shooting the Moon

There is a card game based on trumps called Black Maria, or Skinny Lizzy, where it counts against you if you get the Queen of Spades or any heart. If, however, you feel like you are losing badly and heading for picking up the whole lot,  you can “shoot the moon”, which means if you get the whole lot, the points count for you instead! How cool is that!

Ok, that was a gentle introduction to what I find a difficult topic! A few researchers have bravely put forward the idea that THE MOON IS A CONTROL TOWER. I am coming to the same conclusion myself, after initially opposing the idea.

Let’s  just look at it as a possibility. The moon controls the tides, and women’s periods, and fertility. It also illuminates the sky at night by reflecting light from the sun, and in my opinion makes the weather colder. Weather is warmer in the 2 weeks around the new moon, than in the 2 weeks around the full moon.

OWG (One World Govt) hate women and are always out to control them. Women’s periods are called The Curse. If women didn’t lose large amounts of blood every 28 days, they would be healthier and stronger. If women’s fertility was not controlled by the moon, (peak fertility is about 4 days mid cycle), then maybe they would be able to control it themselves. If the tides were not controlled,maybe the sea would be level. If there was no moonlight, we might sleep better, or be awake and see the stars.  If the moon did not blast out cold, maybe we would be warmer, we may not even have snow, and we might have more crops for a longer season.

Doctors always need to know your period cycle. Some women are much more in tune with the moon than others. It is an indication of how controlled you are. The menopause (moon pause) is when the moon fails to keep control, and the onset of periods at puberty is when the control kicks in. It is sort of reminiscent of blood sacrifice, and never seems very biologically efficient to me.

The moon is said to “wax” building up to its’ full power at full moon, and “wane” as its’ power reduces to the New moon. Possibly the moon control tower is powered by the energy from the sun. At the moment the moon seems to be getting bigger and closer, and I wonder if that’s to try and exert more power, as they feel themselves losing control.

OWG know all about electromagnetic forces, and they withhold a lot of that information from us. Water is a very powerful substance, and the moon acts to pull the water up in a bulge to create high tide. This is maximum when the moon is directly overhead. There is one bulge below the moon and another one diametrically opposite across the globe. Hence the changing of the tides, as the moon moves. How do they predict it so accurately?

It is surprising to see the moon phases still in diaries and calendars, when it is considered a bit New Age! Maybe we need reminding of its control.

Other researchers have documented that there is human activity on the moon, and that the moon is hollow. There are also other discrepancies that indicate it is not a natural phenomenon.

The whole thing seems very Illuminati. Even the name Illuminati may come from this! Making things colder, controlling women, controlling fertility, searchlights, controlling flooding (high tide is effectively a flood) and water. What else does it control that we do not know about? Time for the moon to go away.

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2 Responses to Shooting the Moon

  1. Mick says:

    The moon controls the ‘must’ of male elephants and humpback whales – both akashic record keepers.

    Around the age of 4 I had terrifying dreams of being taken to the moon. For years I had to sleep with the light on to stop ‘them’ taking me.

    Moon is sex, sex is moon. Moon juice is both sperm and menstrual blood.

    • suliwebster says:

      I have heard other stories of kids being frightened of being taken to the moon, I think mostly boys actually. Also something to do with Johnathon King befriending boys, and there was a pop song Blinded By The Light which apparently has something to do with it. Manfred Mann’s Earth Band I think. There is a recent post “Custom of Excision” which suggests a very radical view of what the Moon could be made from. Actually I write a lot about the Moon, (not surprising really). Prince of Whales is air to the throne. Elephants never forget.

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