Blood Eugenics

Eugenics didn’t end with WW2, though we are constantly reminded that this is the case and good conquered evil. Hitler was merely a pawn in a much bigger game. Eugenics actively continues today by means of deliberately altering people’s blood group to get the desired OO blood, known as type ‘O’, considered by the Nazis to be the pure blood. This is all happening now, with our cooperation, via the Blood Transfusion Service, vaccines, food additives, pollution, and more.

Prior to WW2, the Nazi Blood Protection Law controlled breeding by blood testing couples before they were allowed to marry (still happens in our Royal Family). The goal was to get more O blood and get rid of the others: A, B and AB. Asiatic B blood type is more common in Jews than Europeans, and they didn’t care if they got rid of a few O’s and A’s in the process. Looks like the Nazis were targeting B blood by targeting the Jews.

The Nazis set up the Society for Blood Group Research, and we now have the Blood Transfusion Service in the UK, with similar organisations in other countries. The real purpose of blood transfusions is to increase the amount of O blood types, whilst decreasing the others. I doubt that any front line worker will be aware of this, as they have all been well trained.

Scientists have observed that the global trend in Blood Groups is heading towards a takeover of O blood, though they would expect percentages of different blood groups to remain the same if natural order prevails. So what is the interference in the natural order? Apart from the obvious one of war, blood groups can mutate.

The Powers That Were have less control over marriage and breeding than they used to, or maybe they are simply running out of time, and pure blood breeding is too slow. O blood is being stockpiled, and they constantly want more of it. Mutations are being deliberately created. The most effective method is by Bone marrow transplant, which is increasingly common. Blood transfusion can also mutate the blood. The blood group mutates to the donor type for both of these methods. Guess what type the donor usually is….The prized O pure blood. The blood transfusion rules are that O blood can be donated to anyone, but only O can donate to O. So the O blood types will never mutate by this method, but the other types could do if they receive O blood, which is the most widely available donor blood, deliberately so.

Blood tests are used to check blood types and, I am guessing, acquire more blood by stealth. It only takes a drop or so to do a test, why do they need 2 or 3 full test tubes? More and more people are being referred for blood tests for almost any complaint. In fact it seems to be routine in older people. More and more people are having their physical symptoms treated with hospital visits, operations, involving blood transfusions and more blood tests (and often MRI scans too), and these are often young fit people. (There are much more effective treatments available, ones that make you better, not sicker, you just have to research it a bit).

Type A blood contains anti B antibodies, and type B blood contains anti A antibodies. O contains both, AB contains neither. So how come it is ok to put O blood into a type A person, thus flooding their A blood with anti A antibodies? Surely this will create a battle in the blood and the anti A antibodies will destroy the A antigen, resulting in, guess what, O blood. Same for B and AB blood types.

The antibodies usually develop in the blood in the first years of life, by sensitisation to food (what’s in factory baby milk?), bacteria and viruses. I will assume that includes vaccines, which contain viruses including the cancer virus (huge numbers of vaccines are now administered to babies, especially in the US). So if you are A blood, and you start creating anti A antibodies in response to vaccines, food additives, chemicals in the environment (chemtrails contain blood, for example), you create a battle between the antibodies and your natural A blood. If the antibodies win, then you become an O blood type. Similarly for B and AB blood types. I don’t know what the factors are in which side wins, but I am sure plenty of data is being collected for TPTW to analyse their success rate, and what they need to do to improve it.

Blood can also mutate by malignancy (such as cancer, very common these days) or diet. Vegetarian girls are being advised by doctors (probably following instruction from some higher authority) to eat red meat, and eating more red meat can mutate A blood to O. Eating less meat can mutate O to A. Yet more evidence of the drive to O blood. O and A blood have only one DNA difference between them so can mutate quite easily. B blood has 7 differences from A, so is harder to mutate to or from. Remember that the Jews had a lot of B, and the method used on the Jews was to get rid of them, rather than mutate their blood, as far as we know.

Amazingly we are all going along with this, as we accept the explanations that it is “for your own good” or that of your child. The whole scam all depends on our cooperation. Though watch out, there are plans afoot in the UK for compulsory participation in vaccine trials which will be “for the greater good”.

Interestingly, if two O bloods interbreed, it can produce a “blue” baby, with unoxygenated blood. This gives rise to the expression “blue blood” as used for the Royals. And they control their own interbreeding by pre vetting marriage partners, remember? So looks like they are going for O blood too. In with the Nazis perhaps?

Finally, Larry Moran, a biochemist, struggles to believe that God exists because why would God “make a perfectly good gene” like the A, “and then wreck it” to make the O. Good question. And for the record, I am an O blood, or at least I was last time I was tested, and I don’t feel like I am a Nazi or a Royal. I don’t think it matters any more than the colour of your hair. What matters is what they are doing to other people to get their way.

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16 Responses to Blood Eugenics

  1. Tapestry says:

    How do Rhesus negative and positive fit into this picture?

  2. suliwebster says:

    Not sure yet how Rhesus positive and negative fit in. There is definitely some selection going on there too, with the Rh negative being the prized blood. However it is interesting that Hong Kong is almost 100% Rh+ after 100 years of British Rule, so there may be other factors at play, such as deliberately creating colonies of certain blood types to fulfill certain functions. There are 30 different blood group systems, and it is possible that there is some sort of Eugenics being practised on all of them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really? No siting, no facts.. Just plain guessing. I am 0-Negative. Nothing to hide since i was military.

  4. suliwebster says:

    Hi anonymous. It would take me too long to provide evidence of everything I write, and I would rather spend my time exploring further. I write things that open the mind to possibilities other than the single world view that we are told or fed.
    The O negatives are important to those that run the world. I don’t yet know why. The UK (possibly just England) and the US have the highest incidence of O negs, and they are virtually wiped out in Hong Kong. The US O negative rate went up after WW2. As an O neg myself, I am quite curious as to why we are of interest. There do seem to be certain traits associated with O negs. I might be writing more shortly when I have collected a bit more info together. If you find anything of interest, I would be pleased to hear about it.

  5. roberta says:

    Hmm I think Hitler had eliminated alot of people with rh negative blood [ now only 15% of the population ] ,the few people that I know that are rh negative are jewish

    • suliwebster says:

      Since I wrote this post, I have often come back to the idea that there are two lots of Jews and that WW2 was one camp against the other in some way, I am not sure what. Though I suspect the whole thing was staged in some way anyway. The 100 year Hong Kong experiment is interesting as the Rh negs are virtually wiped out there, perhaps creating a factory like culture. The numbers of Rh negs in the US has risen substantially in the last century and is now on a par with England.
      Yes I think that Rh neg is always Jewish too. The more I look into it, the more I see that Rh neg is an older species before the Rh pos was created. That fits with the Royals etc and their preservation of the ancient ruling bloodlines.

  6. Samson says:

    I heard My ancestor from gondar(jew found) ethiopia i suspect to blood of jew that i have rh-

    • suliwebster says:

      Thankyou for your information, interesting that Jews are in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is very important I think. Lalibela is twinned with Glastonbury, Somerset. Haile Selassi of Ethiopia lived in Bath for several years I think. So I would say Ethiopia is very heavily mapped to the Bath and Wells diocese. The Water has something to do with it, and I would say the Ark of the Covenant too. Both Lalibela and Bath are New Jerusalems in some sense.

      See my new post Bloody Clock, where I have suggested that there are 6 different blood types of Jews, the Jews probably being the Rh Neg population. This may explain the confusion over all the different types of Jews.

  7. Lisa says:

    Rh+ (positive for Rhesus factor) means comparable with Rhesus monkey (used in discovery) and all other mammals; Rh- (negative for Rhesus factor) means other than/not comparable to other mammals.
    So, either Rh- are remnants of Nephilim* (‘other’ bloodline) – or – Rh+ are remnants of the mixing ancients did of mankind with ape-types to get a slave race.
    ‘As in the days of Noah…’
    *Genesis 6 / Book of Enoch

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks for the info, Lisa.
      I am currently of the view that the mixing up created the slave race.
      Nephilim is prefixed NE, which is negative, and North East Gate. The North East gate symbolises the Royal or Holy entrance/exit.
      The pure blood Rh negs are maintained as masters, and the Rh positives are inclined to follow and obey them as they have some sort of magnetic ancestral attraction.
      To control the world population, you only need to control the pure bloods, and all else follows suit.
      I increasingly see that the Rh neg women are the ones held up as the alluring attraction. This symbolises the maternal line for all of us. That is why the Rh neg women such as the Royals must be captured, stabled stabilised, and almost held as some sort of hostage. Noone wins, not even the evil ones who do this.

  8. U. Ann Halloran says:

    My blood type is B+. I am genotype BO. I belong to Rh Subgroup (Rh1/Rh2). I belong to
    MNS Blood Group MM. I am of 100% west coast of Ireland Irish extraction. I know that a majority of people of my ethnic group are Type O. So what! I am proud to be a blood donor.

  9. Alyssa Skibinski says:

    My blood type is also B+ and I am interested in becoming a donor. I have two female cousins who are donors. One is Type A+ and the other is Type O+.

  10. suliwebster says:

    If you are proud to be a blood donor, or want to be one, you are probably reading the wrong blog for your lifestyle choices.

  11. GOD says:

    AustrAiliA…AntArticA…EuropE…AngEl/AnEg… BuddAh-YAhshuA-KrishnA-ʿAbdullĀh ibn Abdul-MuttAlib ibn HAshim-AllAh AkbAr…Literally, Amen (Christianity, Jew), Ameen/Amin (Islam), and ThAthAAstu (Hindu)
    AlAntis-AsguArd-HeAVen-SVArgAm” and the hell as “nArAkAm.”JAnnAh (Arabic: جنّة‎‎ Jannah) YAwm Al-QiyĀmAh…Historically, European Jews have been classified into two major groups: the Ashkenazim, or “Germanics” (“Ashkenaz” meaning “Germany” in Medieval Hebrew), denoting their Central European base, and the Sephardim, or “Hispanics” (“Sefarad” meaning “Hispania” or “Iberia” in Hebrew), denoting their Spanish and Portuguese …😈😈😈

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks for the info. I am noticing ANEGS looks like AGNES, St Agnes being a significant saint (see my post Agnes Day).

    • suliwebster says:

      I would expect Adam to be positive blood, as positive is the male, negative the female. Also APOS looks like APES. Or maybe the plan was to convert by interbreeding.
      I am also noticing that Be Positive, Dont Be Negative is a currently popular thing that everyine goes around saying as if programmed to do so. Be Positive is B+ blood group.

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