Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden is said in the Bible to be near the New Jerusalem, with the same river running through. I believe the New Jerusalem to be Bath, so it follows that the Garden of Eden is nearby. Jesus was known to have visited Glastonbury.

The John Speed map of Somerset in 1610 shows a huge natural pool, 3 or 4 miles across, with 4 rivers going in or out, at Meare, to the West of Glastonbury. This is similar to Biblical descriptions. North of the pool is Cheddar Gorge, where there is a set of steps called Jacob’s Ladder. There is also a Jacob’s Ladder depicted on the front of Bath Abbey.

The area has long since been deliberately messed up by putting in gridlined irrigation channels. Well they don’t want us to find it, do they? It is impossible to see any original or natural watercourses for miles and miles. At one point the area was under sea, with the sea level coming all the way up to Pilton. It is now systematically flooded annually. Despite the immense interference in what must have been an amazing place of bountiful nature and wildlife, there is still quite a lot left! The place is immensely tranquil with far reaching views to distant hills of Cheddar and Galstonbury Tor. Apples were in abundance, as were eels, which I am guessing have been turned into snakes as the stories have been handed down. Vines grew on the hills, and the soil is super fertile with rich peat. Hawthorn and Blackthorn are common, and these are two of the most potent health giving and health restoring plants. Jesus’s crown of thorns was made from Hawthorn, and this is another way in which his love of nature and knowledge of the power of plants has been used against him, to desecrate him. It also illustrates that this was part of what he was teaching and practising when he was murdered.

Glastonbury is a very powerful spiritual place, with the Tor full of an amazing leyline layout. The area was also once known as the Isle of Avalon, and there is enough history to show that it was at one time an island. The name Avalon is synonymous with the River Avon that flows through Bath, but there may have once been a stronger water connection between the two. King Arthur is connected to the area too, and I have identified a place marked only on some maps as Lake Village, where he must have been. It is now a lumpy field, but was probably once a village on the lake shore. They don’t want us to find this either. Interestingly there is a small hamlet to the North, which would have been roughly the edge of the pool, or lake, called Godney.

Wikipedia states that the area was originally referred to as “Paradise” in Pagan times, but then a concerted effort was made by certain people to stamp out these false myths and replace them with “facts”. Sounds familiar!…another attempt to camouflage what is really going on, and force feed us a set of lies masquerading as the truth. It is hard today to spot the resemblance to the Garden of Eden, when the area, around Lake Village in particular, is littered with derelict caravans and is tatty and uncared for, deliberately so in my view. It should be an amazing Nature Reserve.

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4 Responses to Garden of Eden

  1. Tapestry says:

    You’re whetting my appetite. I’ve never been to these places. I’ll drop by and take a look.

  2. suliwebster says:

    Let me know if you need a Tour Guide

  3. suliwebster says:

    Addendum to original post: I described Glastonbury Tor as having an amazing leyline layout, and incorrectly used the word “leyline”. A leyline is a straight line linking places of importance, using maps. The continuous labyrinthine line in the Tor that I refer to has been determined by dowsing, and is part of an Earth energy line running from Cornwall to Bury St Edmunds. There is a straight leyline running in the same direction, and they frequently cross.

  4. Lisa says:

    Yeshua took the curse of the earth, thorns and thistles (Gen 3:18) to the cross to also redeem creation.

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