Decoding the Murder of Jesus

Jesus was murdered because he was onto the Truth. He was teaching the Truth to other people at a very fast rate, and he had a huge following. If enough people knew enough of the truth, then those that control the world would lose control and humans would become free. So something had to be done to shut him up.

The same sort of thing happens in modern times, for example John Lennon and Princess Diana. However with Jesus, murder was not enough. The manner of his death was carefully designed to desecrate everything he believed in. So by studying the symbology in his death, we can work out what it was he believed in.

Firstly, his body on the cross is crumpled, and the energy flow through his chakra is blocked. (See my earlier post on Jesus, da Vinci and Chakra). Jesus was teaching people how to use the alignment of chakra in your body to harness your own freely available energy and power. Not only is his body misaligned, but his root chakra is blocked by his crossed legs (though there is some debate over whether or not his legs were crossed), and the crown chakra is blocked by the thorns.

Secondly, the nails are carefully placed in his hands and feet at acupuncture points for the Qi energy meridian lines through the body. It is your flow of Qi through the body which keeps you well and strong. Blockages and imbalances make you unwell. So Jesus was teaching people how to maintain and treat their Qi energy for themselves. He was probably healing people this way too. Research shows that Jesus spent some time in India between the ages of 12 and 30. It seems likely that this is where he learnt these ancient skills and knowledge.

Thirdly, his crown of thorns is made from Hawthorn. This is one of the most potent plants for well being and healing, though barely used today. It may have other properties too. Jesus’ death was designed to turn this wonderful plant against him, using the thorns to create a ring of pain around his head and block his chakra. So Jesus was teaching people the power of plants for healing and well being. It is well known that he was a great healer.

Fourthly, Jesus was forced to carry the cross through the streets of Jerusalem, along the Via Dola Rosa (which contains the word Dollar). Jerusalem was like the City of London is today, full of the corrupt bankers and money lenders that Jesus spoke out against. Like the City of London, Jerusalem is walled, and measures One Square Mile (a favourite Illuminati theme). So Jerusalem represents the monetary material world that Jesus was teaching people to keep away from. We have plenty to go around, we don’t need money, everything can be shared. The loaves and the fishes is a story illustrating this. Materialism is a distraction which crushes spirituality and enslaves us.

And fifthly, The cross was stupidly heavy to carry, a huge burden that was forced upon him. Jesus travelled light with very few possessions. He was free and nomadic. He did not need security in possessions and fixtures and fittings. Everything he needed came to him. And he taught that by example.

Much has been omitted from the Bible, or distorted, deliberately so. So we cannot get the full picture from the Bible. The symbology in Jesus’ death is still going strong today, because his desecration is constantly worshipped via Christianity, creating negative energy against Jesus.

I believe that Christ is the anti-Jesus, and Christianity is controlled by evil forces. However the majority of Christians seem to me to be spiritual people looking for the right path in life, and others like themselves to share it with. The problem is that forming any group, and labelling it with a name, inevitably leads to an organisation with a hierarchy, ripe for control by evil hands. In the case of Christianity, I suspect it was deliberately set up to lure the followers of Jesus away from his path.

All that Jesus was teaching is about empowering yourself as an individual human being, and not giving your power away. And it is through our self empowerment that we will all become truly one with each other and the Universe (or God, or Oneness, whatever you want to call it).

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