Joy and Fear

“Choose Joy” is a phrase I have borrowed from Brian Keenan, from his book about the 4 years he survived being held as a hostage in Lebanon. Why choose Joy? And is it a choice?

Joy, laughter and love (the real unconditional kind of love) all bring your body into a much better state of health and well-being. Even modern science has shown that laughter helps to heal the sick. The frequency, or vibrational, level in your body is higher, and it spreads to other people and everything around you, or connected to you. In the same way that a virus spreads, so can Joy! it is infectious.

The Powers That Were (TPTW) don’t do joy, laughter and love. They hate it. They try to stamp it out. They spread fear, hate, misery, depression whenever and wherever they can. Fear is their most powerful weapon. If we are fearful, we seek people or structures or organisations to save us and give us an illusion of protection or security. TPTW conveniently provide this in the form of armies, police, insurance, the Church, jobs etc. So that they can control us. Their goal is control, their main weapon is fear. We are sort of used to being fearful, trained to be so. It has become our norm.

Fear lowers our vibrations and that of everything around us. It makes us ill, and the negative energy spreads. Even Jesus said “Fear not”, now I know why! I prefer “Choose Joy” because it is a positive choice of something. We all get times when we don’t have joy, of course, well I certainly do, but you don’t have to stay in the non-joy place.

Small things make a difference. Taking pleasure in a beautiful flower, singing a song or smiling all create positive energy, which has a ripple effect. And this counters the negative energy being deliberately spread everywhere. If you find any part of this blog is making you too fearful, then maybe you need to go elsewhere, for the time being. If the enlightenment empowers you, then stay with it! I think it is important to understand the evil things going on in the world, so that we know how to avoid them, and how to stop propping them up. Knowledge is a fantastic power, but in my opinion, Joy is even better!

Joy attracts joy, fear attracts what you fear, viictim mentality keeps you a victim.This is the Natural Law of Attraction. If you choose joy, you will not attract the negative energies into your life. We all function on electromagnetic energies, as do all things, and the Earth. It is all explainable by science. You attract in whatever you give out.

And finally, some quotes…. One from a man I once hired a canoe from on the River Wye, which illustrates how fear works against us. He said “people don’t drown because they can’t swim, they drown because they panic”. And from Ralph Waldo Emerson: “The wise man in the storm prays to God, not for safety from danger, but for deliverance from fear. It is the storm within that endangers him, not the storm without.” (I am sure the same rule applies to wise women).

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