Ever since I have been alerted to the Chemtrails, I have been watching the sky. It is getting increasingly interesting, and very busy. As well as the chemtrails activity, there are helicopters buzzing around, the sun and the moon to study, and now a new type of plane?

There are normal passenger planes which leave contrails, those vapour trails that disappear within a minute. These planes have a clear purpose to get people from A to B. They take off and land at the regular airports, and follow the regular flight paths.

There are chemtrails planes which take off from military airfields, and their purpose is to spray the skies, usually via 4 parallel vapour trails known as chemtrails. These trails don’t disappear. They disperse and create a haze which can last til at least the next day, appearing like hazy cloud. Before they disperse, the trails mess up the sky with their parallel lines, grid patterns, sometimes loops, and star shapes. Sometimes drones (unmanned planes) are released from a plane to do the work. They are very small, barely visible, but you can still see the trails they leave.

Increasingly, there are planes that at first glance look like small passenger planes. Usually shiny luminescent white with orange wing tips and tail. A bit like Easy Jet. They leave no trail at all. They take very funny routes, bending around, zig zagging, circling, almost as if they are patrolling the skies. They blend into the clouds or chemtrails very easily giving the illusion of disappearing. They have a different noise, very loud, like a descending plane, and sound more electric than oil powered. Possibly they have no windows either! The last few weeks they have been going over late at night, but I am noticing more and more during the day. They seem to be based at either military airfields or somewhere else, but definitely not the regular passenger airports, not near me anyway.

I have also noticed planes taking off almost vertically, well about 35 degrees from the vertical. What sort of planes are these?

The helicopters are often out patrolling, making us feel like we have escaped convicts constantly running around our neighbourhood. Actually they are probably just spying on us.

The government say that the chemtrails are to counteract climate change. That the sprayed aluminium reflects back the energy from the sun and protects the planet from global warming. Now TPTW (the Powers that were) often speak in double speak. So if we take them at their word, then this is probably the main purpose of the chemtrails. What they don’t tell us is that the global warming and climate change are happening due to natural changes in the universe. We are closer to the Sun and the poles are shifting. The energy and power from being nearer the sun will help us. The climate change will help us. TPTW want to counteract it because it won’t be good for them. My guess is that the increasing electromagnetic powers from the sun are likely to interfere with the man made electronics. We will survive without electronics, but TPTW are totally dependent on their computer data to control everything. They are also trying to hold back the forces of nature by what they are doing. They can’t, all they can do is slow it down. Nature will win.

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