Another 911

This one was an earthquake in 1275, 11th September again, and involved the destruction of two churches, which would have had towers. The churches were not near each other, but related by being significant points on the Michael line, an important earth energy line running across Britain from the end of Cornwall to the coast of Suffolk. And most likely onto other countries too.

At the top of Glastonbury Tor, there is now a small tower. Before that there was a church, with an altar, for sacrifices to further desecrate Jesus and the human race. The altar represents Jesus’ crown Chakra (see earlier post on Jesus, da Vinci and Chakra). The most important energy spot on the Tor (which has an incredible energy line layout) is at exactly the spot where the altar used to be! They knew about energy points when they built the church. On September 11th, 1275, an earthquake demolished the church! Just like the Twin Towers. The Church actually represents evil, though we are trained to revere it. Same as the Twin Towers which represent Money and Control, which we are trained to revere. The demolition provides the people with someone/something to blame, and creates an opportunity to carry out certain plans. Same as Twin Towers where we blamed Al Qaeda, providing an opportunity to justify the plans for invasions in the Middle East. What did the powers that were (TPTW) want to achieve in 1275?

The very same earthquake brought down the church on St Michaels Mount, in Cornwall, a long way away. It is possible that the geological disturbance carried along the energy line itself by some method unknown to us. Since then, a monastery has been built on the Mount, and there is today also an “underground railway” on the Mount, that is not open to any visitors (sounds fishy to me, a secret place for some no good purpose).

Jesus is known to have visited Glastonbury. He arrived in England at St Michael’s Mount on a ship with his Uncle Joseph. Jesus is the representation of the battle of good vs evil, humanity vs TPTW. TPTW desecrate his name whenever they can to create negative energy, and one example is the use of the altar at the most important spot probably on the whole energy line. Jesus may well have been buried in England. Was this a good time to shift Jesus’ body? Was he buried at one of these places, then moved? Or the other way round? Has he been moved several times? What else was happening in 1275 that we are not told about? The connection between the Twin Churches 911 and Jesus is too much of a coincidence.

For anyone that likes Illuminati numbers, there was a great flood on 11/11/1099, which we can write as 111199, which is very similar to 911. The flood caused St Michael’s Mount to become an island, though it was some miles from the sea before that day.

A quick scan of the Internet gives some more 911 dates in history. One of these is the actual birthdate of Jesus on September 11th 3BC, which fits the whole 911 story quite nicely. Another one is the creation of Adam, the 6000th anniversary being 911 1999.

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2 Responses to Another 911

  1. I discovered recently that the Scottish prisoners-of-war often called the ‘Dunbar Martyrs’ were imprisoned in Durham Cathedral on September 11th 1650. After six weeks only 1,400 emerged alive, they were then used as mercenaries or shipped abroad for slave labour. The dead were buried in a mass grave stretching from the North Door of the cathedral to what is now the music school. Visitors to the cathedral walk on or very close to the grave. How often do you hear this war crime discussed? It’s been well hidden over the years.
    This all came about due to powerful religious figures over-riding the decisions of those on the ground. September 11th. Was it chosen?

  2. suliwebster says:

    It’s incredible how often this date crops up. And also the number 911 or it’s close relatives 116, 119 etc. I wonder what the energy feels like near that grave. Being a cathedral, it will be on an earth energy node, so any negative acts inflicted on humanity or the earth at that place will have a big impact.
    I have never heard of this story before, it’s certainly not taught in English schools. Even though they like to tell the kids over and over again about their successful scams and horrible victories.
    Durham is quite a significant place. The three old school tie universities are Oxford, Cambridge and Durham, though Durham we hear less about.

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