The Population Problem

There is a lot of talk about The Population Problem, which is taken to mean there are over 7 billion people on this planet and that is too many.

I don’t think there is a population problem. There is plenty to go round. It is just that all resources are politically controlled by a few elites, and people are not free to find their own. Small percentages of very wealthy people consume a huge percentage of the worlds resources. Poor people don’t consume much. Plymouth has one of the lowest per capita environmental footprints in Britain, not because they are environmentally aware, but because they are poor.

If everyone in the world, including children, was given a quarter of an acre of land, we would all fit in Australia! You can feed a family from a quarter of an acre. Energy is free from the sky and the Earth and the Sun, though at the moment people still believe you have to pay big corporations for it. Materials for clothing and shelter are available from the land. There is enough space on the planet.

I also suspect that statistics are being fudged. I mean look at all the worlds’ poor being deliberately slaughtered by wars, nuclear power station disasters, tsunamis etc etc. not to mention prescription drugs, car accidents, cancer, flu epidemics. Millions are dying unnatural premature deaths every day. And how is it that China’s population grows when they are only allowed one child per two adults? It should be exponentially halving!

So if the global population really is rising, where are they all coming from? Well I think there are some extras from other planets, and some extras from past times. Beings from other planets are arriving to join in the 2012 party, or to watch the show. Some may be helpful to humanity, others may be here to try and interfere. The time travellers are here for helpful or hindering reasons too. Some of them are here to observe their future, so they can go back and tamper with their present (see my earlier post on Time Travel). It will get more and more crowded as more and more show up for the biggest party in the Universe.

The consensus is that the future is looking pretty good for the human race. The most powerful forces want us to do well. There are plans by the elites to reduce the population to about half a billion. Things don’t always go to plan, and the elites are seriously struggling at the moment. They are still trying, but they can’t win.

As I see it, the Population Problem is the elites controlling everyone else. We need to set ourselves free.

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