Anti-Baby Injection

I am actually talking about the anti-D injection. I have renamed it. This quest started from my own experience, having received anti-D shots following the births of both my children.

This is what happens: If the mothers blood is Rhesus negative, and the baby’s blood is Rhesus positive, (no other combination), the mother is told she needs an anti-D injection immediately following birth, within about 30 minutes I would say. The mother is too groggy to refuse, especially as the anti-D injection is labelled as “Good for you and your next baby”. And not having it would be “risking the life of your next baby”. That was back in 1997. Somewhere between then and now, they have stepped up the dosage. Mothers are now offered two shots during pregnancy as well as the one at birth. One shot was obviously not enough to achieve whatever was required.

There is an official explanation designed to get us all to go along with it. The mother might reject her NEXT baby if she doesn’t have the injection. NOT THE CURRENT BABY. Rhesus positive blood from the current baby MAY cross over into the mother’s blood at birth. The mother will then supposedly make antibodies to reject the hostile Rhesus positive blood, and remember how to make them if it happens again. So if the next baby is again positive, the mother’s blood MAY cross into the baby’s blood and “destroy” the baby’s blood before birth. Scary stuff. The anti-D saves us by DEFINITELY “destroying any blood from the baby present in the mother’s circulation before she can make her own antibodies”.

None of this makes sense. It never did to me. Now I know why. If it is really about the NEXT baby, how does having two extra shots in pregnancy help, when the problem is not even supposed to arise until birth, and there is supposedly a risk that the mother’s blood may cross to the current baby during pregnancy? Surely that is creating a risk of harming the current baby? If the objective is to not have anti-D in the mother’s blood against the next baby, then why is it that they want to inject you with exactly that? If the mother can make antibodies at the first sign of Rhesus positive blood, then how does the anti-D prevent that happening in the next pregnancy, as it is claimed to do.

The anti-D has the capability to destroy the blood of your current Rh+ baby and subsequent ones. Why are they giving it to us?

Here is my explanation. Look at what is actually happening and ignore the cover story explanation. Things then make a lot more sense. The anti-D is actually about the CURRENT baby. That’s why they need to inject it during the CURRENT pregnancy and immediately after birth. Using their own words, it “destroys” the baby’s blood. They don’t want Rhesus positive babies to live, or they want them rejected or damaged by their own mothers. This fits with the constant interference with the mother baby bond, which I believe is essential for the survival of the human race. How does an injection AFTER birth affect the baby? Well either you breast feed from your own body which is now anti-baby, or you feed your baby artificial stuff from formula milk. Either way it contains poison. And the anti-D DURING pregnancy will obviously have a good chance of harming the CURRENT baby.

But why only positive babies and negative mothers? The Rhesus negatives seem to be sought after blood. Maybe TPTW (the powers that were) just can’t stand the thought of a negative mother loving a positive baby. Rhesus positives have the blood marker for the Rhesus monkey line of descent. Rhesus negatives don’t have this marker. TPTW want the negative babies to survive, so they are not targeted. Why don’t they inject positive mothers who carry positive babies, which would be adminstratively much more convenient? Well that would destroy the mother’s blood, possibly kill her. If it just mutated the blood to negative, noone would notice, so I am guessing it must have a much more obvious effect than that, like death. Someone might notice.

My own experience is of my first born constantly sicking up my milk, and both me and my second baby being very ill. However I persevered and we have all come through ok, very healthy, and well bonded, but only with an enormous amount of effort.

Anti-D is short for Anti-RhD, in other words, against the RhesusD blood. This is more blood eugenics at work. Watch out.

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19 Responses to Anti-Baby Injection

  1. jules says:

    what a load of crap,this comment could actually stop mothers having the injection and put their babies lives at risk

  2. suliwebster says:

    I credit mothers with more intelligence than that. People have a free choice as to what they choose to do with what they read here. My blog is not a set of instructions for people to blindly follow. Anyone can do their own research and come to their own conclusions if they want to. If someone wants to blindly follow exactly what the NHS tells them to do without question, that is also up to them. The NHS has a track record of putting lives at risk, the Thalidomide babies are a particularly memorable example.

    • jules says:

      this isn’t about freedom of choice,this is about you saying that the government is trying to kill their babies because they have the wrong blood type,i know you’re talking a load of crap,but some naive young girls might actually believe this garbage,and what has this got to do with Thalidomide,or is that another of your bullshit conspiracy the theories,the government wanted thousands of deformed babies,i gotta say i’ve come across some stupid people in my time but u take the biscuit

      • suliwebster says:

        The Thalidomide case demonstrates that following NHS advice is not necessarily the best thing for your baby. The Nazis killed people on the basis of blood group. It is nothing new. Eugenics was happening well before the Nazis, and has never stopped. The people that ran the Nazis are the same people who run our government today. Anyone really naive will probably not be reading this blog anyway, you would have to be researching the anti D injection to arrive here in the first place. But if they do, your comments will hopefully alert them to the fact that there is more than one viewpoint on the subject.

      • jules says:

        i’ve been reading your other posts and come to the conclusion that you are totally barking mad,sun cream causes skin cancer ,but never mind cancer isn’t that bad and can cured with a few herbs,Menstruation is a plot to keep women the weaker sex,,the government are producing mutant rats so that we will all catch the plague and die,there are millions of aliens in the world,and you’re a time traveller,and bath is the garden of eden,you’re either mentally ill,or you’re smoking too much canabis,or possibly both

      • EPB says:

        Julie is just a brainwashed sheep slave Suli….Cancer does have a cure, there are many clinics across the globe curing people daily in a matter of months, do your research before you criticise someone for no reason

      • suliwebster says:

        I think probably everything can be healed. We are just told otherwise.


  3. suliwebster says:

    I am not mentally ill, have never smoked cannabis, and I drink very little alcohol. So you might have to find another explanation. A year ago, I would have thought this was all crazy stuff too. I first got into it when I was fed up with the endless wars on the planet, and why so many people were slaughtered by war, much of this endorsed by my own government! So I started researching what was going on in our world. There is so much information on the Internet if you choose to find it. And so much we are not taught at school. I discovered how much has been missed out or distorted at school. And how the newspapers and tv reinforce the misinformation. I found out how the bankers are in control, something that is now approaching mainstream knowledge. But it doesn’t stop there. There are many millions of people around the world researching and studying this kind of stuff. Noone claims to have all the answers, but we are all exploring the possibilities and sharing what we learn and think. Many people know that things are not quite right with the world, it seems like a mad crazy world a lot of the time. What you choose to think is up to you, and I am not here to impose any ideas on anyone, just to share my ideas with anyone that wants to receive them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Suli I well and truly believe and it’s because of the german babies being born arm and kegless that led me to question injections through out pregnancy… I stopped my kids having ALL injections back in 2003!! I am pregnant again and rhesus negative and now I’m questioning whether to have the anti d.. When Allah created us we didn’t have these un natural chemicals put in our bodies… We were created prepared and designed naturally to give birth without all this fuss

    • Jeasica says:

      I wrote a comment about loosing my daughter after anti d but can’t see it posted. I didn’t fill my name or email so I have done this time. I had the anti d injection at 30 weeks and felt extremely tired almost straight away. I’m looking into studies or some sort of confirmation that the feeling this injection killed my daughter is correct. Everything in my pregnancy was fine up until this point. 2 weeks after the anti d she died. The postmortem showed no reason for her death. No blood crossed over, no infection was found, nothing in my blood found and yet our perfect baby stopped beating her heart. Why? What studies showed we need this injection in the first place? Why can’t they simply check the fathers blood first? If he is also rh – there is no reason for the injection. What does it actually do to your body?

      • suliwebster says:

        Sorry Jessica, new commenters go through the Approve system to prevent trolls and scam. And I am not online much at present. Sorry for the delay and confusion. If you comment again using the same details it should go straight on the blog.

  4. suliwebster says:

    I agree Anonymous. We just have to believe in ourselves, our own powers to do it. It is our insecurity in ourselves that drives us towards accepting these interferences in our mothering.

  5. Christine b says:

    Hello from Canada! I have found you through synchronicity and have very much enjoyed what I have read so far. Although not searching for Rh – info, I am amazed that I have found someone thinking the same things I have been only recently. My search for truth in this world has lead me to your blog. I appreciate how your mind works and only an English lady could decode the King’ English as you are attempting. TPTW are totally messing with us, this I know now. You are piecing it all together and it is too sinister for most to accept.

    PS I was in Bath as a teen and remember that it affected me more than the other locations we visited. Very special place.
    PPS Have you read Matthew Delooze?

    • suliwebster says:

      Hi Christine from Canada, glad you are enjoying the writing. I don’t know why I get so tuned into the Royals, it seems to be something about who I am. Yes Bath is very special, and that explains why everyone keeps fighting over it.
      Another reader put me onto Matthew Delooze thanks! I like his writing, I like the way he thinks for himself.

    • suliwebster says:

      You may like my Sheela Negative post if you have not already found it. That has been my biggest eye opener so far, propelled me into a whole new world, and is definitely linked to Female Rh negs.

      • Christine b says:

        Hi! I really love where your mind goes. The Sheela negative article was fascinating. Being an O neg myself, I started researching the origin of blood types in a different way than I was taught at Uni. I had started having hesitation around blood donation. I did not get a second shot after the birth of my daughter because she was A neg. I am not sure of anything lately but I feel as though it may be some type of tag or genetic manipulation of the neg mom rather than about the pos baby. It is my gut that leads me now. I know “they” do nothing for our own good.

      • suliwebster says:

        Yes, it could well be manipulation or labelling of the mother, I agree. The Rh Neg females seem to be very important for them to have control of. I am trying to find out conclusively what the blood type of my children is. I always assumed they were Rh+ because of the injection, but now it looks like that is impossible by normal genetics. I have a friend in the same situation. If they are giving the jab to all Rh neg mums regardless, then their explanation is even more suspect than I originally thought.
        My current thinking is that the Rh neg female is the origin of the species as we know it, and I hope to have a few posts on that before too long, too much to explain here. Some posts to read leading up to that are Wombless Women, Pavlovs Women, and Jesus the Jewess. (Jesus is obviously Rh neg).

  6. Anonymous says:

    I had the anti d injection whilst carrying my first daughter… After the injection I felt extremely tired and 4/5 hours later had a huge pain in my abdomen. I was told this was just stretching maybe near a nerve and it was completely normal. 2 weeks later I found out my babies heart had stopped beating and she was delivered stillborn at 32 weeks. I can’t believe what’s happened. Nothing was found in the autopsy or in my blood. In my mind I know it must have been the injection as up until then she was perfectly healthy and happy. I’m looking for any studies into anti d and effects to see if this has hapoened before. So far I’ve found that rh – blood can’t be made. Unlike rh + and the injection can effect baby girls but not so much boys. I would like to try again but feel reluctant to take the anti d injection. Any answers out there?

    • suliwebster says:

      I am feelng very sad about your loss, having carried my own two babies and knowing how close your bond is. I was maybe lucky that I only had one injection at delivery before they stepped up the rate.
      Your experience does seem to confirm what I am saying, though I still do not know the exact details of how and why it is done.
      If you are pregnant again, you can choose to refuse the anti D injection. it is hard standing up to the authorities (and even your own hoodwinked family sometimes), but they can only do all these things to us with our consent. You can be very polite, such as “thankyou for offereing it to me, but I dont want it, and I will take the full responsibility for any consequences of not having it”.
      You can also refuse blood tests.
      I sometimes think if I had another baby I might not actually go near the medical system, not even tell them ! But you have to make your own decisions based on your own circumstances, and not judge yourself harshly for conforming at times. Going against the flow needs a lot of energy and determination, and it can be a very lonely road.

      Let me know if you find out anything else, I have been convinced for some time that Rh+ is somehow man made. I think all the Rh- bloodlines are monitored and are the oldest and original blood. I have more to write on this, but never enough time to write everything.

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