The Gift Economy

As the banks collapse everywhere, there is a lot of talk about alternative money systems. The Big Plan from TPTW (the Powers That Were) is for the One World Government with a global money system, or possibly no physical money, just accounts stored in embedded microchips in our bodies. Another plan is to have money in nationally controlled banks, where money is issued interest free by the state. I don’t like either of these.

A scheme to have a local trading currency, such as the Brixton Pound, is already going in many parts of many countries and has been for years. It keeps the trade in the local economy, and stops the rulers collecting taxes. This is a good step in the right direction.

The point of money is that everything and everyone must have a monetary value. And this controls us. It is now very difficult to get the basics of food, shelter, warmth and clothing without money. To get money to buy things, we have to sell things, or sell ourselves for wages. Hence we are slaves. To stop ourselves feeling like slaves, we use some of the money we have earned to buy luxuries, or treat ourselves, so we can believe we have a choice, that we are working for our own good, not someone else’s.

I am not sure we need money at all. I believe in the Gift Economy, and if you study the life of Jesus, rather than his death, it looks like he practised this too. In the Gift Economy, everyone just gives what they don’t need to people who need it, when they need it, and it works the other way when you need something. If things have no monetary value, then there is no need to hoard. You know that when you need something it will turn up. So there is plenty to go round. I practise that already, and have done for years, though obviously there are still quite a few things I have to pay for. It shocks people sometimes that I give things away and don’t want money, even though I have little money. Yet I always have enough. It’s not from being virtuous or moralistic. It just feels so much better, and everyone is happy, and lots of joy is spread.

It also means that no one is excluded. If you are down on your luck, you can still “trade” in the gift economy! The need for an exchange or deal goes away, and people aren’t worried that they were ripped off. The need for banks and accounting systems vanishes. That would save us quite a lot of collective energy in itself. Plus nature provides many gifts for free, plants, flowers, blackberries, sunshine etc. The houses will still all be here if there is no money, and maybe the millions of empty ones could actually be used! And people would work for what they believe in, not to earn money, so anything we don’t collectively believe in would gradually collapse.

Watch out for the false modern day definition of a gift. This is when you give someone something that they don’t need or want, that you have some vested interest in giving them, something you think they ought to have. This is then a burden for the other person, particularly if it has been bought for them. It may also feel like they need to be grateful, or give something back in return, an exchange has been attached to it. A true gift is one way and has no strings attached. Once the gift is given, it is up to the receiver what to do with it. The giver detaches from it once given. It may be an object, or a deed, or some words, or whatever.

Some people are already happily practising living without any money at all. We have become so accustomed to money, most of us believe it is essential to human life. I don’t think it is.

If more people practise the Gift Economy more often, the monetary system will just naturally die from lack of fuel. We won’t even have to try to kill it.

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3 Responses to The Gift Economy

  1. Shalyndaw says:

    I couldn’t agree more suli………..’where focus goes, energy flows’.

  2. Phillis says:

    Brilliant! Can we explore additional perspectives? When someone abuses you, the proper response is to leave. Not reward the behavior. This is true for banks, government, doctors, judges, attornies, police, ambulance workers, and parasite corporations. It’s everywhere in U.S. society. I am going to say something remarkable. Their power is a total illusion. It does not matter, whatever overblown title they might carry, nor how global the corporation. When we have choice, they have NO power. Why? Because, you’re not their customer.

    You’re their boss. Signing a contract doesn’t just bind you, it binds them, too. You give them the chance to work for you, and be paid ONLY a fair wage. Judges are paid by your own taxes. YOU hire THEM to provide a service, and they can be fired. Indeed, if they treat you nasty, it is your JOB to fire them. Months back, a doctor was unbelievably arrogant, her lack of patient care so egregious, that the first thing I mentioned was her being over two hours late for the appointment. By her response, she had forgotten:

    1- The role of a doctor is not to make money, it is to render care.
    2- She has much competition, and I can go elsewhere.
    3- That she is indeed quite expendable.
    4- Doctors work for patients.

    After I mentioned the lateness, in utter contempt, she spat at me, “Do you want treatment, or not?” Let’s be clear. She had just shown even further disregard for my health! Right off the bat, the only appropriate response, is “No”. In the U.S., this is unheard of. Who dares stand up to the judge, doctor, lawyer, and monopoly utility corporation gods? I do. Because I recognize that these are relationships, and I am not a battered wife. I don’t protest, I don’t plead with psychopaths to change, and I don’t negotiate with terrorists using emotional blackmail.

    She tried to illicit fear (omg, no treament?!). She upped the ante to play hardball, and I called her hand. I told her why she was FIRED in front of her patients, so that they could see the proper response to patient neglect and abuse. I hit this doctor so hard with the truth that her hardball attempt exposed the degree of her negligence. I demanded my money back, and got it, a first for her employees. That there is no protocol in a doctor’s office that addresses this situation, speaks to the complete arrogance of the profession.

    The ideal mentality looks like this: If you attempt to abuse or cannibalize me or mine, you’ve got an immediate and massive problem of truth on your hands. Shit is about to defy physics and roll uphill in your world. I am not a fluffer of egos, I am not just a source of income. I am your boss, you work for me. Whatever issues this truth causes you is your own damn problem. Yes, I call the behavior out in front of everyone. But, this is not attention grandstanding. People must be shocked out of their brainwashing, or this never ends for any of us.

    The more people present, the merrier. Our attorney was fired in front of a courtroom full of people. The judge agreed. The judge recognizes us immediately when we appear now. She doesn’t treat us with disregard, the way she does others, because I didn’t allow it. My husband is not immigrant garbage. He is very loved, and his family will be fiercely and effectively protected. Her tone is softer, without the unnecessary hard ass bullshit. I didn’t have to be disrespectful. I just had to defend my family by letting truth see the light of day.

    Same for the company who tried to emotionally blackmail me into accepting a smart meter. “This is how it is going to be.” (omg, but – they’re the only providers in this area!). If he tries to install the meter, he can explain to his company why they lost the income on this account. Instead of rewarding abuse, we’ll generate our own power. Oops! Companies don’t count on that. No part of the system should be allowed to treat you in any way, other than with respect. I know the truth. We don’t need them. But, without us, they have nothing.

    P.S. Nearly two years later, still no smart meter.

    • suliwebster says:

      Great stuff Phillis. Inspirational. It’s so true that when we stand up to this crap, and take back our own power, it not only works out better for us, it also seems to influence those we stand up to, and allow them to get some humanity back too. And so it spreads. I do believe that the good stuff spreads even quicker than the bad, because it resonates with people’s true humanity.
      A piece of land near me is labelled Ministry of Defence land, and fenced off with high barbed wire security fencing. It’s theirs, they own it, they can do what they like with it, and that’s how they act. I keep explaining to people that the MOD is part of the government, paid for by us, so we own the MOD, therefore we own the land. It is ours to do what we want with. People mostly get it when it’s explained to them.

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