Father, Sun, and Holy Ghost

If you replace the word “Son” in the Bible, with the word “Sun”, things start to make a lot more sense. As I see it, the Holy Trinity is made up of Father Sky, the Sun, and Mother Earth. Surely any Holy Trinity must contain a female part. The Sky, Sun and Earth between them provide all the energy balances we need for life.

The Sun provides electromagnetic energy, as well as the heat and light we all know about. The atmosphere around us contains electromagnetic energy. Think of lightening! The wind is incredibly energising, just watch kids in the playground on a windy day, they behave very differently. The Earth has a huge network of energy currents, which can be determined by dowsing, or by simply feeling where there is a good spot. These are unseen like ghosts, or spirits, hence the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. Some places like Glastonbury Tor or Avebury have an abundance of strong earth energy currents. If you stand in one of these places, you can be filled by the earth energy, hence the expression “to be filled with the Holy Spirit”.

We are taught that Energy comes from pasta and sugar, but i don’t think we need as much “energy” food as we are told we do. If we have the right knowledge and skills, we can harness the Sky Earth and Sun energies and be energised by them. Energy is a closed system, it never disappears, just gets transferred. So if our bodies use some energy doing some physical task, it goes somewhere, back to the Earth or the Sky. We do not need the Big energy companies to provide our energy. It is freely available from natural sources.

So if we reread some Bible bits, we get things like The Father sent his only Sun to Earth. This makes sense, there is only one sun, and it shines upon us on Earth. The 25th December becomes the Birth of the Sun (which is when the Sun starts to regain power after the winter solstice). Easter, the Resurrection, becomes the rising again of the Sun on 25th March, when we start to have more daylight hours than darkness.

It makes sense that the Sun is born of a virgin. The Sun is the source of our Solar System. Planets are chips of matter perhaps forming from other universe objects, but maybe the Sun just arose from a mass of energy. It is about 99% of the energy of our Solar System.

I do not think that Jesus was either the Sun or the Son. I think Jesus had a big following from teaching the truth, and the Powers That Were (TPTW) were losing control as a result. Murder was not enough to suppress the truth because the truth lived on after Jesus. So Jesus was written into religious teachings with a few subtle changes. In this way Jesus’ followers could be led by stealth into controlled religion.

The Bible contains much truth, but it is written in code, or distorted, or had careful omissions or additions so that we can be deceived by a false meaning, and thereby controlled.

“A truth that’s told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent” by William Blake, a Freemason. Was he referring to the Bible?

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