I am the Truth

This is what Jesus said. It has been misinterpreted that the only way to the Truth is through Jesus, which has never made sense to me. I think Jesus meant that we each have our own Truth. “I am the Truth” is a mantra we can all say to ourselves.

The only absolute truth you know for sure is that which you experience. Everything else is second hand information which helps you fill in the gaps. The truth you experience is through your physical body senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, feel, or through other less well known senses such as psychic sense or telepathy. You may also have experiences from other times or lives, consciously or subconsciously. This is your truth.

The second best source of truth is people you know and trust. This helps to open up your own hidden or forgotten truth, fill in any gaps in your information, and create new connections in your mind. But beware of taking the truth of another person without question as this may lead you to take on something false. You can feel it is true if it resonates with you, hence the expression “rings true”. Information from elsewhere is valuable too, but always remember it is not the primary source. You are.

I see people arguing over whether or not a person is a fake, or a CIA plant, or an actor. Just because one thing that person says is not ringing true. Similarly, if a person seems to be saying a lot of truth, they are turned into an idol, and everything they say is taken as true, no matter how false it might be. I think all this is about compartmentalising individuals and is unhelpful, not to mention a waste of energy. Take what you need, what works for you, and leave the rest. Everyone can give you something, and no one can give you everything.

We are trained at school to disbelieve our own experience, and do as we are instructed, and to believe what we are told, and to deny our true feelings and emotions. The government has decided the history of the world, and when you should be hungry, and what you should wear etc etc, and that this is all good for you. So most people believe the truth to be outside of themselves, and constantly seek it elsewhere, in the media, the government, celebrities, etc. hence they can easily be fed lies.

Do we all end up with different versions of the Truth? Yes, and No. We all have a different view because we are all in different places and looking different ways. As people on a mountain top would look different ways and see different valleys down below. And people in different valleys would look up and see the mountain top in different ways. All are different, but all are true.

If all our separate different truths are added together, we would get the whole truth. I believe that one day, human beings will connect together as one collective humanity, and we will have that whole truth available to us all.

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