Mutant Rats

My car recently had an annoying warning light, so I took it to my local Garage. It turnecaoutchouc some of the cables in the engine had been chewed through by rats! The garage owner had seen it before. So now rats are eating rubber or plastic or whatever it is. Surely this is not the natural diet of a rat? There is plenty else for them to eat where I live. I have also had rats chewing or eating at my plastic compost bin. This is not to escape, because they have little tunnels than go out through the ground at the bottom. And I know it is rats because I have seen them in there.

My guess is that they are mutant rats. Deliberately bred to eat rubber and plastic. The powers that were (TPTW) have plenty of secret underground places where they experiment on human and animal genetics, and cloning too no doubt. Even public science is doing this. I don’t know why they want rats to eat rubber and plastic as their diet, perhaps it is because we have plastic food containers, and they want to create a new Plague. Then we will all be frightened, and isolate those infected, dividing up humanity again. Who knows? I am sure it is not for the good of humanity.

So if we have mutant rats, what else is mutant? I have always been suspicious of wasps, for example. They seem to have no real value in the world of nature, and they are a complete menace to humans and their homes. Unlike bees who pollinate our crops and flowers, and provide delicious honey. Mosquitoes is another one. Very good at spreading malaria and killing off populations. Or you could drug yourself up on the anti malaria pills and make yourself ill that way. Nits, or lice. That’s a good one for not touching each other, avoid physical contact, and cut off your hair, and put chemicals on your head to destroy your crown chakra. Human contact is good for the life force and healing energy, so we are constantly presented with reasons why we should not physically connect.

Most farm animals look Genetically Modified to me. A bit dim, very oversized, all very alike, and prone to sickness. Occasionally you might see a “rare breed” cow or sheep. These are very different, and seem a lot more natural.

It is inevitable that genetic modification has been extended to humans too. At the moment, this is being kept quiet, but gradually things will seep out through the news and entertainment industries, and the government, to pave the way for us accepting this as normal, acceptable, and even desirable.

Humanity and nature will still win though. So no need to be fearful. Just be aware. Knowledge is power.

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