The Anorexics are Right

I recently found out that when someone “recovers” from anorexia, they become overweight! This is because their body has become accustomed to storing up the small amount of food that it gets, knowing it might have to last a while. So when the anorexic starts to eat a “normal” diet, too much food is saved. This goes on for some time until the anorexic body starts to trust that it will get an unlimited supply of food.

It therefore follows that our bodies are capable of storing more food than we think. The only reason they don’t bother is because we have so much of it in our Western societies. In fact there must be pressure on the body to get rid of it quite quickly before the next lot arrives. Our bodies are always busy digesting food and processing it into waste.

The next logical thought is that we don’t need anything like the amount of food we believe we do. Unfortunately if we cut down straight away, our bodies would not cope very well, as they would carry on manically digesting and waste processing, not leaving enough for us to manage on. So any reduction would have to be a slow process, maybe over a couple of years.

I feel that anorexia is a reaction to over consumption, not just of food but of material things such as clothes and furniture, and activities like holidays or clubs, and even water. This puts the anorexic in a difficult position as most of this stuff is fed them by their mothers, who are trained to over feed. Get three good meals a day down us, stop for tea breaks etc, otherwise you will be branded a bad mother. The food is lovingly cooked, and presented, and to reject the food is to reject your mother. It is set up that way.

So the anorexic person is treated as the problem. This is the real reason the anorexic gets ill. They are not allowed to eat less. Society says there is something wrong with them for wanting less. And because no one is listening, and they are told they have a problem, they start to withdraw and behave more and more extemely, and more and more abnormally. Noone can see what they are trying to say, so they have to emphasise the point even more, by seriously undereating. All they are trying to do is to hang on to their true self, and listen to their inner voice, but no one wants them to. You are not allowed to want less.

I am always struck by how it is often intelligent sensitive people who get mentally “ill”. And it seems that anorexia is experienced by intelligent sensitive people, usually teenage girls who are at a peak of sensitivity. Sensitive just means they are more accurately tuned in than the rest of us. We could learn a lot from the mentally “ill”.

Nearly everyone overeats in Western Society. Some burn it off with a lot of activity, some process it better than others. The message from the government should be to eat less, but the government have turned this into Eat 5 a Day! Eat More! The two for one offers in shops have the same effect. More is not always better. Quality is better than quantity. If we get enough of the right things in balance, we don’t need, or even want, that much. The way to work out what you need is to tune into your own body, not to listen to government advice.

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