Ark of The Covenant

I am wondering if the Ark of the Covenant is hidden in The Bible. The King James Bible to be precise, the one David Cameron made a speech about in December 2011, and the one the government has recently distributed to every school in the country, despite the “recession”.

So many secrets are hidden in plain view. So why not the Ark? The best place to hide anything is somewhere really obvious, then train people not to see it. Of course, those in the know will be able to see it. The Bible has been handed down over the centuries via Christianity, so is easily available everywhere. We can all get hold of a Bible, but can we all see its secret meaning?

I find it extraordinary how so many researchers end up at the Bible. One reason is that Christianity has been imprisoning our minds for 2000 years, and we need to uncover that. The other reason is that the Bible contains a lot of truth if you just misread it a bit. So the researcher finds out the importance of the Sun powers, then we see that the Bible talks about this too, if you just read Sun instead of Son. (see my earlier post on The Father, Sun and Holy Ghost). Try Water instead of Divinity. Try Manipulative controlling beings from other planets instead of God. Try Sky instead of Father. I am sure it is very straightforward for those in the know.

The Ark of the Covenant is the Grand Plan that the powers that were (TPTW) have for humanity. The Bible prophesises all sorts of things that will happen. A lot of doom. That Syria will be destroyed, for example, which is coming shortly. TPTW have been planning this for years. Of course it is easy for the Bible authors to predict what will happen. They are part of the very same team that are running the show today, who will make it happen. It is all in the Plan. When we see that the Bible prophecies are all coming true, we will turn to the Bible!

Because we are trained in a Christian culture, our thoughts are subconsciously tuning into the Bible prophesies. Thus our thoughts collectively reinforce the chances of it actually happening. Things don’t always go to plan though, and the Grand Plan of TPTW is no exception. We can influence the outcome by our thoughts, by not believing these doom prophesies will happen, by believing in something else instead. Put your energy where you want the outcome to be.

I am also wondering if something might be hidden in other easy to find places, such as Shakespeare’s works. And where does Noah’s Ark fit in? Is this part of the Ark of the Covenant? The Grand Plan. How much of the Bible is a plan of the future, rather than a record of the past? Is Noah’s Ark not really a boat, but a plan for saving selected (eugenics again?) animal, or even human, breeding pairs to survive the Earth changes that we are about to go through?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Especially in Shakespeare’s “lost” works. Lord Lytton did much of his research for VRIL: THE COMING RACE whilst he was staying in Bath. He is miscredited with the quote “The pen is mightier than the sword”, but that’s actually the last known surviving line from Shakespeare’s “lost” play CARDENIO. Although whether or not Shakespeare actually wrote Shakespeare is a major bone of contention!

    • suliwebster says:

      Thanks for bringing some of my earlier posts backto my attention Anon. It is very spooky, because only this morning I wrote in my notebook “The penis mightier than the sword”. (Omitting the space is intentional). I didn’t know where the phrase originated from, but I have been noticing a lot of words that are diguising sexual imagery, especially when this can help get the imagery introduced into families and schools. The pen is the main tool in a school, is it not?
      I see that you wrote the comment yesterday, which was after I thought about that phrase, after it sprang to mind, but before I wrote it down. I had a day off the computer yesterday, and this is the first time I have checked my emails since Sunday 26th. Things go into my notebook first, then some of that makes it onto my blogs. I am finding this synchronicity very interesting, it is too big a coincidence, and to me it proves that there is another sort of internet, a free “natural” one.
      CARDENIO sounds like cardinal. Cardinal sin, and Vatican Cardinals. First time I have heard of Lord Lytton. I will check him out. I once read an interesting fictional book about Shakespeare’s lost works and who exactly Shakespeare was, and the code within his works.
      Aha, I have just noticed something! Iambic pentameter. I AM BIC PEN. That fits quite well with TO BE OR NOT TO BE.

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