Sun Protection

The Sun is the centre of our solar system, and the source of an amazing amount of energy, power, warmth and light. Yet somehow we are always worried it is dangerous. We are constantly told that we need protecting from the Sun. Sun glasses to protect our eyes, and sun cream to protect our skin. I was out today and it is only March, and people are already not coping with the Sun. Little kids are hardly allowed out in it, and have to wear all sorts of special clothing (hats, long sleeves, sunglasses) and cream if they do.

So what is UV protection about? That’s what sun cream is supposed to do. Protect us from harmful UV rays. Ultra violet (UV) sounds like the sort of stuff that our violet crown chakra might like to connect with to harness the atmospheric energy. Ultra violet is the next frequency along from violet, and the first “chakra” beyond our body. Ultra violet sounds quite good to me. Maybe it is good, and they just don’t want us to have it! Everything we are constantly told to do by the government is something that makes us sicker or dumber or less fertile. It is part of their grand plan, and though we are persuaded it is for our own good, it never is.

What do they put in sun cream to stop the UV rays getting to our skin? I came across some research that shows that cancer causing compounds have a unique property that absorbs UV light, and alters it. Now that sounds like the sort of thing you might put in a sun cream, to absorb the UV light and alter it. So it looks like sun creams are likely to cause cancer, my guess is skin cancer, since they are targeting the skin.

Cancer is not as bad as people think it is. Do a bit of research and you can heal it with some vitamins or herbs. The whole cancer thing is another scam to make us fearful and control us, and create more vaccinations and hospital visits which further damage us. Natural safe simple ways of healing are hushed up.

We should be worshipping the Sun and tapping into its almighty power. (Power of the Almighty, getting Biblical again). Bask in its warmth and light, and absorb the energy, electromagnetic power, and vitamins it provides for free. If you go out in the Sun all year, by the time you get to summer, your body adjusts. If you feel yourself burning or overheating, then time to cover up with a shirt or seek shade and cool, you have had enough of it.

I am talking about the UK here, as that is what I know. Things might be different in the Sahara, but I think the indigenous people survive without sun cream.

(Ref: “The Field” by Lynne McTaggart, for cancer causing compound research).

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