I found the place name Arzareth a while ago on an old map of Somerset, around 1610. It is very close to Glastonbury, I think to the East. It stuck in my mind because it sounds so similar to Nazareth, and I wondered if it could be Nazareth, but the name had morphed over the centuries. It is quite an unusual name for round here, and I already had a strong feeling that there are a lot of Biblical goings on in Somerset.

So I searched the Internet for “Arzareth”, and came up with some exact matches! Apparently it is in the Bible! It is another one of those things like the Garden of Eden where all sorts of Biblical scholars are trying to work out where it is! But noone seems to want to look in England, I don’t know why. There were 12 tribes of Israel (which could possibly represent the 12 zodiac signs or be different blood groups), but 10 of the tribes left and were “lost” in Arzareth. No wonder Jesus went there! (see earlier post on Garden of Eden).

One account says it took a year and a half to travel there, which sounds a lot, but perhaps not if you go overland on foot. And two accounts in the Bible refer to an island location. Isle of Avalon. Seems pretty obvious to me.

It also ties in with other research I have read that shows humans migrating North to Europe from the Middle East area.

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