No Reaction, No Problem

A colleague at work was telling us the latest national news about the recent foiled terrorist plot on the Olympic Games. I immediately started thinking of the familiar Problem Reaction Solution scenario, whereby the powers that were (TPTW) create a PROBLEM, or even harness an existing problem, in this case the threat of terror. This problem then causes people to collectively REACT, in this case, people become frightened, and don’t want a terrorist attack, and start asking what can be done to stop it happening. TPTW then propose their desired SOLUTION, in this case it will probably be a fairly heavy handed police state with security checks, arrests and detention without charge, ID cards and curfews. By this stage, people will be begging for this solution as completely necessary for our safety.

My colleague at work is not familiar with the Problem Reaction Solution scenario as she does not hang out in those sort of information circles. But she did go on to say that “they” probably didn’t even want the attack to go ahead, they just wanted to frighten everybody, that was enough. Music to my ears! I totally agreed with her, though I knew we had a different view of who “they” are. We both think “they” are terrorists. But she thinks they are Muslim al Qaeda, the enemy of our government, and I think they are TPTW, the same team that runs the governments.

There are 2 interesting things going on here.

First is that you don’t need to be a truth researcher, or even to be in the know, to observe this key fact, i. e. that the real weapon is fear. Therefore we do not need everyone to “wake up” in order for people to stop consenting to our current system. We just need people to notice small day to day things and make small changes of their own free will.

Second is suppose that there is no collective reaction, or very little reaction to the presented problem, i.e. people are not frightened by the terrorist threat. Then there is no perceived problem. TPTW will have trouble even introducing their solution because there will be no opportunity to do so, but if they try, the people will be quite rightly outraged at the removal of civil liberties without good reason.

So no reaction, no problem, no nasty solution.

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