Gas Time Bomb

I have never liked the idea of a gas pipe being fed into my house. It reminds me of gas chambers, either the Nazi ones, or the suicide method of fixing your car exhaust to feed into your car.

In January, there was a lot of frantic activity replacing underground gas pipes where I live in Bath, costing millions! What is that about? The old metal pipes were supposedly being replaced with plastic ones. Why? And every house had to have a new connecting part, to join it from the mains to the house. What is in this connecting part? What sort of controls are built into it, and can it be remotely controlled? So we now have an up to date gas supply system. Ready for what? I don’t have all the answers, but I am sure that none of this is for our own good.

Gas is highly explosive. A gas explosion in your home can rip out the whole house and the neighbours. Your gas boiler is linked to a timing device. A potentially explosive device with a timer? It is starting to sound like a bomb.

Or suppose the gas supply stopped and then started up again, a bit like a temporary electricity power cut. If it stops, the pilot light goes out. But the gas feed is still turned on. When the gas starts up again, gas comes out of the boiler, but there is no flame to burn it, so the gas leaks into the room. This could easily happen at night, when we are all asleep. The double glazed windows seal us all in quite nicely. We are dependent on there being absolutely no interruption in supply.

Nearly every house now has this wonderful invention called gas central heating. The same could of course be achieved with electricity, more safely and quietly, but gas prices have been deliberately set lower to get everyone converted.

There have been a couple of recent news stories to do with gas. The first is Zoe Anderson from Bath died from gas poisoning in a gas powered shower, supposedly not properly installed. The court case seemed to be framing the plumber, and I suspect that someone else deliberately tampered with the fittings after the installation. It was not her home, she was visiting her father at the time, Chris Anderson, multimillionaire founder of Future Publishing, who now runs TED. This is also horribly reminiscent of the Holocaust when Jews were told they were going to take a shower, but gas poured out of the shower heads, a shower of gas. A gas shower. This all paves the way for more insurance cover, or safety checks, thus increasing the costs, and perhaps new laws to install extra devices around the boilers, which could be used against us.

The second story is about a massive leak at a gas field in Scotland. The papers are already talking about this leading to an increase in prices. We have been set up to become dependent on gas, and now that gas has a monopoly, they can do whatever they want. New laws, new prices. And death.

Gas chambers are still officially used in the US today for executions. The last recorded one was 1999.

Find out where your master gas lever is, so that you can turn off the supply to your house if and when required. Don’t give in to fear, because fear weakens you. Just be aware.

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