Crop Circles and the Olympics

A few years back I closely followed the Crop Circles. I live fairly near Avebury, which is the epicentre of the Planet for Crop Circles. The first one I saw by chance in April, walking towards Avebury. It was on Waden Hill, a very special place, and it was the first of the season. I went to look it at more closely, and from then on was hooked.

Crop circles are stunningly beautiful and combine nature, art and Maths, very advanced Maths. If you go into one, you can immediately see how impossible it would be to create it from a plank and a bit of rope! Although some very simplistic ones have been done like this to “prove” that is how they are all done. Crop circles in Canada have no tractor tramlines to access the field undetected, as we do in the UK. The only explanation is that they are made from the air, and to be viewed from the air.

Crop Circles have been on the increase in number and complexity, year by year since the 1980s. In one particular year, some dowsers noted that all Crop Circles around Avebury were on an earth energy current. Avebury is I believe unique in the world in having 12 earth currents go through it. I am guessing we will get a grand finale this year, 2012.

But who is making them?….
The equipment required to make them is beyond anything that the general population know about. And nearly all reports say they are made in a flash. So it has to be secret equipment or off planet sources.

Crop Circles at Olympic Stadium?…
From the “Crop Circles and More” site, it says “For at least a while the exact location of any new formation will be the Olympic Stadium in London” !!!!! What do they know? I picked this up on a day earlier this week when I was getting a lot of similar “messages”. The same website says there is “much concern about busloads of people coming from the Olympics to Wiltshire this summer”. Really? Why would people visiting the Olympics want to make a detour to Wiltshire to view some cranky crop circles. Unless some amazing event happens in Wiltshire during the Olympics, or people are forced to go to Wiltshire, or there are many many elites already planning a visit there. By bus.

There are no crops at the Olympic Stadium, so what is the link? My guess is the presence of off planet arrivals and spaceships. I think there will be a huge movement of people off planet. And some of it will not be voluntarily, people will be stolen.

If something incredible is going to happen in Wiltshire too, then I am guessing that will also be a spaceship arrival, so obvious that everyone will know about it. It will have to be something pretty amazing to compete with the Olympics.

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