Decoding Monopoly – Board and Pieces

The Monopoly Board is very Illuminati. It measures 11 by 11. So we get 1111. Like the Square Mile is 1 by 1, giving 11. Favourite Illuminati numbers. There are 40 squares around the Board which resonates with the letter M. M is used everywhere. So many monopolising companies now have a Masonic looking capital M as their logo. Even Monopoly begins with M.

Utility Companies…
In London, it is Electric Company and Water Works that will control everyone. We will be completely dependent on them. All other methods to get water, and energy will be closed off. They can do what they want. In Bath we have the radio station and Biffa waste services. Looks like all other media access will be denied, and we will have to pay extortionately for waste disposal, which is now a huge operation with many different lorry types and bin types. I am sure there is more waste than ever before.

Jail is prominent on the Board. Two corner squares devoted to Jail. It is normal part of the game to GO TO JAIL or be IN JAIL. So this is probably part of the Big Plan too. People will be sent to Jail for no good reason, say not being able to pay for waste disposal. In the US the new NDAA law passed at New Year allows people to be arrested and detained indefinitely without charge. David Cameron recently announced plans to imprison drunken people.

Free Parking….
This is a bit of a puzzle. When is parking ever free these days? Well I think it might be the Park and Ride sites. They are all set up for accepting large amounts of cars for free, then bussing large numbers of people into the cities, not for free. So watch out what is happening at those.

When you collect your measly salary of £200 which buys you so little. Why £200? Will that become the standard weekly wage?

It is quite easy for all your money to disappear in tax to the bank, everything you got from passing GO. Tax eats up your whole salary. Unless you get income from elsewhere, such as housing and hotels and property, you are stuffed.

See my earlier post today on the Monopoly stations.

I have been studying the streets on the Bath Monopoly Board. Supposedly they were chosen from nominations sent in by the public. I guess that is a good cover story for putting in apparently bizarre places, some that no one has heard of, and many (9 out of 22) that are not even streets, such as The Roman Baths, Sydney Gardens, Bath Rugby Club. Are they going to build houses and hotels there? Or do they represent something else? A plan of something, or a guide for certain people arriving in the City. To help us out, they have put a picture or logo on each “street” so that we can pinpoint specific locations. I am curious that Holborne Museum and Sydney Gardens appear. Sydney Gardens is fenced in and surrounded by roads. It has a gateway to the canal and could be an easily controllable stronghold for secrecy or imprisonment. It also appears as the handle end of a Masonic key on the A to Z map.

The Box…
The box of the Bath game has clues too. The Island Club is not in the game at all, but prominent on the box! The real Island Club goes underground and must surely connect to those scrappy deck chair cupboards in Parade Gardens, bordering the river. The river is another transport venue. There is also a description of the Hot Springs which emphasises the value of Bath in the bigger scheme of things.

The Pieces…
In the new Bath edition, there are 10 playing pieces. I don’t think these have changed much over the years. A racing car, a scotty dog, a canon, a top hat, the flat iron, the old boot, the wheelbarrow, the warship, the thimble and the horse (racehorse or military, not sure?). The City of London has Threadneedle Street and Canon Street (the thimble and the canon). In Bath we have a new shop filled with old black sewing machines, which looks like the entrance to the new hidden Masonic Lodge. We have a racecourse too. I tend to think the old boot represents a cobblers. The warship relates either to the Admiralty or to Nelson who is linked with Bath. I think that if you were trained in how to read the board, you could easily find certain establishments on arriving in the City as a stranger. The Tourist Information Centre would be happy to help, I am sure. Or maybe the Board represents a plan to be achieved by the Freemasons of Bath, to be in place for the end game this year.

I certainly don’t know all the answers, but just watch what is going on around you. And remember we all have choices. Most of the so-called laws are not enforceable unless you consent. See my earlier post By Consent.

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  1. janice says:

    Great stuff Julia as always o

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