Freemasons are Humans too

I am aware that Freemasons, particularly the higher up ones, are carrying out some awful acts against other humans and the planet. But at the end of the day, they are human beings, same as the rest of us. I do things I don’t like doing sometimes too, probably less extreme, say driving a polluting car, using bleach to clean at work, buying clothes made in slave conditions, trying to control someone. I don’t really want to do any of these things, but I haven’t yet worked out how to get out of them, given the other parts of my life I have to keep going with, and some are hard habits to break. Though I am working on it, little by little. There can’t be many humans on the planet who behave 100% squeaky clean.

I feel I am in a constant battle of my true soul against the programming and indoctrination that surrounds me, which has been handed down over the centuries. The phrase “I will not cease from mental fight” springs to mind. This is from the hymn Jerusalem by William Blake, a Freemason. Perhaps the Freemasons are in this same state of mental battle too? Except that they are being subjected to greater forces of control, and coerced to do the most hideous of things. Child abuse, satanic rituals, murder. Perhaps they are even being taken over by other beings to perform these tasks?

It is possible, though it seems incredible, that deep down, the Freemasons and even the Illuminati are part of the very same humanity as the rest of us. They too are struggling to free themselves from the chains of slavery. I am wondering if they have taken on the role of guarding the magical mysteries of life until such a time as the rest of us are ready to reclaim it. That this role has been handed down through the Knights Templar and other organisations over time. I learn a lot from studying the Freemasons, and as they are the ones with the knowledge, this is the place to go to learn.

I sometimes think the term “Secret Societies” is a misnomer. Everything supposedly “secret” is easily visible if you adjust your view of the world. This is a choice that everyone has, though it takes a bit of practise to overcome a lifetime of habit. We have been trained to think certain things are impossible, or ridiculous, and we close our minds to these things, like a blindfold. Da Vinci has done some amazing Art which contains messages. William Blake has written poetry with clues. The Bible contains information, as does the Monopoly Board, and Pop songs. We are all brought up with the information drummed into us, but we don’t see its true meaning until we are ready to. Why are these clues left so deliberately visible in the public domain? Why were they not removed? And why have we been so carefully indoctrinated with them?

It is possible that the Freemasons are actually in a more difficult position than the rest of us. They are guarding the most important information, and are therefore the target of the greatest attacks, and in the position of being in constant relentless battle. The price to pay for this position is to be subjected to the most horrific evil.

I am not saying for sure this is true. However, I do think that we are all one humanity, and that includes the global elite and Freemasons. To unite as one, we have to believe we are all one. Otherwise we just create another us and them scenario, where humanity is divided, and therefore conquered. People are not inherently evil, in my view, but some of their actions may be evil, and that applies to us all.

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4 Responses to Freemasons are Humans too

  1. …. and this as well! Very wise indeed. Thank you for being you.

    • suliwebster says:

      Glad that my writing is of value to others. I find that writing in a public space helps me to focus my own thoughts. When other people read it and get something from it, that is a lovely added bonus!

      • Your talent is perfectly placed! Thank you so much Suli for your wonderful contribution and I certainly have benefited from it and also I am sure you don’t mind if I select and re-blog your articles once in a while? đŸ™‚ I love your writing! …Eternity

  2. suliwebster says:

    Thankyou Eternity for your compliments. I am very happy for people to reblog anything I write. It is all there for sharing.

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