Death Worship

We live in a society which constantly worships death. The most obvious example is with Christianity, which is the worship of the death and desecration of Jesus. We are reminded that Jesus died for our sins. How bad does that make you feel? It makes me feel like I am in debt. I owe him. He sacrificed his life for me because I am bad. Now I have to be good forever to pay him back. Personally I think he was murdered because he was onto the truth.

The Titanic is undergoing a revival. It is the 100th anniversary. Lots of events planned to celebrate the horrible deaths of hundreds of people. Most bizarre of all, is a repeat of the fatal voyage, which will be identical down to the last detail, a 10 day cruise starting 8th April. Apparently the tickets have been snapped up by relatives of the deceased. It seems like a macabre sort of holiday, but it is important to glorify death. And how will it end exactly? An iceberg on 15th April? As well as getting us to focus on death, the constant Titanic reminders cover up the real story, which was a massive insurance and political scam, and therefore murder.

Last year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of 911. Again it is important to remind us of the cover story, to stop us veering off to discover the true story that it was an inside job, set up by the governments to create an excuse for war in the Middle East. Murder again. But important to celebrate.

In Bath, we have the anniversary of the Bath Blitz to celebrate, 70 (why 70?) years ago. And of course, there is 1111 (top Illuminati number, designed that way), the 11th November, celebrating those who died in the War, who made the “supreme sacrifice”, lest we should forget. How does that make you feel? It makes me feel like I owe them, they gave their lives for me. And I mustn’t complain, I am very lucky that I have been saved and that we have such a great life of freedom in this country. We would all be slaves under Hitler. I must live my life how the dead people want, and be good. WW2 was another set up too, planned mass slaughter, and we need to be reminded it was a justified war, lest we should forget.

There is more death debt with your parents. Parents sacrifice their lives to bring up their children. Parents are still alive, but not really living, just existing, slaves to housework, school support, mortgages or rent, and earning money. So you always feel you have a debt to repay there too, because your parents gave their lives for yours. It is all set up that way. Very difficult for parents to do otherwise.

A lot is going on this year. Maybe we need distracting an extra large amount. Maybe we need to be more focused on death than we normally are. Why? Because the plan is that huge numbers of us will die. This will be so much easier if we are all aware of death, particularly MASS DEATH. We are all set up to believe it is noble to die, dying gets you hero status and worship, and that people are always dying routinely, in large numbers, in dreadful mishaps, wars, acts of God etc. This is not the case at all. The whole thing is cleverly orchestrated, but if we are kept busy we will be none the wiser. A well practised procedure kicks into action at any mass death event, and we are all programmed in how to respond. It has become normal, and that is deliberate.

It doesn’t have to be this way. We can stop worshipping death and enjoy life instead. Life should be with the living, not the dead. A time of grieving is, I think, a normal healthy process, but to worship death is not. We can become more aware of the constant genocide plans around us. If enough people know enough, it can’t happen, same as everything else. It only happens because we all go along with it.

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