Sun Screen

After much study, I have come to think that chemtrails are NOT there to poison our bodies and our planet. The accompanying propaganda is however very good at poisoning our minds. Particularly the minds of healthy organic types who are outdoors. Maybe the rich people too who have bought themselves out of the polluted air, land, food and water, and think “I am alright Jack”. The chemtrails message is that you cannot escape, because wherever you are the chemtrails will get you. And the evidence is apparently there in the skies, as a daily reminder.

The fear of chemtrails and the belief in the extensive chemical damage they are causing IS poisonous to you and the planet. Your vibrations become lower, more negative, and this has a ripple effect on those around you and the Earth. Your immune system is weaker and you may believe you will get ill too. This increases the chances that you will get ill. Once this fear is planted in your mind, you get a trigger every time you see the chemtrails, the constant daily reminder of Big Brother.

The only “evidence” I have seen of the chemical damage is in YouTubes such as What In The World Are They Spraying, and websites such as the Carnicom Institute. I reckon both are part of the propaganda campaign to stir up alarm, panic, fear and powerlessness. It also distracts us from what is really going on. Typical TPTW (the powers that were) techniques. My own observations and experience so far, shows me that chemtrails definitely exist, but they have no adverse effect on my physical health, even though I am regularly out in them all day long. Even if they are spraying chemicals, the scale is minute compared to pollution in your home (paint, cleaning materials, walls, carpets, insulation materials, dust, gas, central heating, light bulbs, routers, mobiles, etc etc), in your food and water, and in your street (10 mins of car pollution makes me feel sick, street lights, phone masts, TV transmissions, Tarmac etc etc).

So best to screen it out, ignore them (or stick to studying them objectively) and enjoy life, thus improving your immune system, raising your vibrations and spreading positive energy around you. The real battle is within yourself, as it nearly always seems to be.

So if the chemicals scare is a convenient mind control side benefit for TPTW, what is the main purpose of chemtrails? They usually tell us what they are doing, but in double speak. So I reckon it really is to do with global warming. They really are trying to screen out the Sun, and possibly the stars and UFOs as well. Because we are getting closer to the Sun, and so the Sun is feeling hotter. Spraying is mostly stepped up on hot sunny Sundays and Bank Holidays when a lot of people are outside. This seems to imply that it is related to humans and hot days. Is it to protect us from sun damage because we are not used to it? Or is it so we don’t realise the Sun is getting hotter? Or something else. Either way, if the governments explained what they were doing, there may be an outcry, a debate called for, and they would have to stop. I don’t think there is time for that.

I think the Sun is also affecting stone and metal and plastic. Trains near Bath were recently delayed by “the wrong kind of sun” affecting the tracks. I have noticed concrete and plastics are breaking down much faster than usual. Maybe the chemtrails are trying to save the human built environment from decay.

(See earlier post on Sun Protection)

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