X marks the Spot

By X, I mean a cross. There are crosses everywhere. War memorials, churches, graveyards are the most obvious. Market square crosses, cross posts and cross roads are less well known. I think they are all where they are for a reason. To mark important points on the land. Places where the Earth Energy is of greater significance.

The Sun and the Serpent tells the true adventure of two men water dowsing their way across Southern England following the Michael and Mary earth energy currents. The currents frequently pass through Manor Houses, Churches, Abbeys, and other religious sites, such as Avebury, Silbury Hill, and Holy wells, so often that it could not be by chance. Either the currents have been brought to these places, or the places have been built on the currents. From time to time the currents cross each other, or cross with other currents from elsewhere.

The currents are quite flowing and winding like a stream, but go in an overall straight direction. You can join up key sites on the current with a straight line on a map, and this is called a leyline. Since many of the sites are ancient, the currents must have been passing through them for a long long time, so are therefore fixed. But what is not clear is whether the current is naturally in a fixed position, or whether the building of something on top “fixes” it in position, like a nail. Or a sword. Or a stone. If the religious sites weren’t there, would the current be able to move? We could probably determine this by redowsing the whole Michael and Mary lines and seeing if the bits in between the sacred sites had moved since the 1980s. Many, if not all, of the sacred sites are at crossover points or “nodes”.

On to the Cross Posts and crossroads…. Ralph Allen is best known for mining the stone that built the Georgian City of Bath. So it was a surprise to find on his somewhat hidden mausoleum that his main responsibility was to set up the Cross Posts! What are they and why was that so important? Well the Cross Posts were crossover points, or nodes, on a network of national mail delivery, which meant mail no longer needed to go via London for routing. There were also Bye Posts which were at branches off the main grid. Hence “post” now means letter delivery. I guess some post offices are now on the site of old Cross or Bye Posts. This new mail network gave central control to those running it, and the facility for collecting money for it, and spying on people’s mail if they so wished. A monopoly. The nodes were exchange points for routing mail, and so were at crossroads, since mail was transported by mail coach in those days.

This was the forerunner of the national network for electricity, gas, water, sewage, cable TV and broadband that now run under the streets.

So Ralph Allen’s achievement was to set up this massive national grid system which has created control, monopoly and dependency for all our essential resources. OK I think that’s bigger than building The City of Bath.

But it gets bigger. You can’t help but notice the similarities with the Earth Energy currents. These are in a massive grid system too. Key points, nodes, are carefully marked in both. Too much of a coincidence! So I am guessing the cross posts mark earth energy nodes.

Market squares have market (mark-it) crosses. This is from before Ralph Allen’s time. Two major ones come to mind at Banbury Cross, and Shepton Mallet. I expect Kings Cross and other such names signify the same thing. There are a lot of place names with “cross” in them. Market crosses are built with a stone piercing the ground like a standing stone. So I think a standing stone is an earlier version of the market cross, but circles were more popular then. Nowadays we have squares. Market crosses have been used for trading, a bit like cash on the nail, worshipping death, Christianity, money, local gentry (masters, controllers). The base stone of a market cross contains a socket into which a shaft is inserted to point up to the sky.

The next question is Why? I am reminded of “As above, so below” from William Blake, a high up Freemason and poet. The network above mirrors the network below. It is quite possible that we could use these Earth Energy currents to provide us with all our “utility” needs, naturally. Communication, energy, water, and waste disposal. Even transport. Everything that the manmade network is now used for, but for which the Earth has been dug up, desecrated, owned, traded and monopolised to achieve.

I would say these cross markers are used to either steal or destroy, or hide or misuse the earth energy. Or maybe to pass down the information to future generations so it is not lost. Sometimes the currents and nodes have been desecrated by ripping out a hillside by mining or putting a rubbish dump or motorway on top, or cemetery, or fighting a war. The activities that take place in some religious sites (often satanic rituals and sacrifices) are designed to feed negative energy into the currents which then transmits to the Earth and to anyone or any place on the same current.

The good news is that we can change things for the better. When dowsing the Michael and Mary currents, the nodes in the early part of the search came up in the shape of an ugly wonky pentacle. By the end (it took 2 to 3 years) they were coming up as 3 concentric regular 12 point stars. When earlier nodes were redowsed, they had changed too. I feel that the positive energy put into the currents by the dowsers transformed the energy, and healed the currents. You don’t have to be a dowser, just tune into the energy of the earth. And it heals you too. Totally mutual. There are plenty of places where you can still pick up Earth Energy.

It has been said that England is the epicentre of Earth Energy. It is not a coincidence that the UK had the first postal system in the world. The first postage stamp was in Bath, the Penny Black (sounds synonymous with slavery) thanks to Ralph Allen. I think it is also likely that Bath is the centre of the UK earth energy. The source. Which is how the Hot Springs are described.

The ancient standing stones, cross posts, and the market crosses seem to involve something being inserted into the ground, and raising up tall. Usually metal or stone, possibly wood. Ancient tumuli seem to have a similar theme, as does Silbury Hill, and the ancient pyramids. The pyramids have been shown to be able to transmit huge amounts of electricity, though this was for stealing by the gods (off planet beings) in the days when the gods were routinely around on Earth.

I think the Iron, Bronze and Stone Ages were to do with Earth Energy, not primitive tools. King Arthur’s legend is to do with the sword (metal) and the stone, Earth Energy again. And Jesus was murdered on the Cross, using metal nails. Seems a lot of history is linked to Earth Energy.

(See The Sun and the Serpent, by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhurst)
(See earlier posts on Cash on the Nail, Jesus da Vinci and Chakra, Death Worship, Power Points)

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