Blood Sacrifice

I used to believe a regular menstrual cycle was healthy, a sign of womanhood, a sign of fertility, a sign of good health. Any irregularity indicated body malfunction. And a quick scan of the Internet shows me that this is exactly what the medical world is preaching.

My view has changed. Who designed this? All women losing nearly a pint of blood every month for the best part of their lives? What a crazy system. Even blood donors are only allowed to donate every 8 weeks in the USA, less often in other countries, due to the rate at which the body can replace the donated blood. Wikipedia quotes research that says that healthy males take on average 36 days to replace all their red blood cells after a donation. If women are the same, that means that women are always down on their red blood cell count. Except I don’t donate my blood. It is taken from me. Drawn out of my body by the power of the moon.

The moon is on a mission to control women. (And water too, which is associated with the female). The moon performs a global mining operation, mining wombs for blood. A blood sacrifice. The life blood that would grow a baby. Take it away, bin it. And when all this is happening, women have to carry on as normal. No wonder it is called The Curse.

Those that have regular periods are actually the ones that are the most trained. We are trained from very young to know what’s coming, so it does. Girls are getting periods younger and younger. School includes sex education from a young age. The more we believe it, the more likely it is to happen. Trauma often upsets the cycle. That’s because trauma sends your whole life out of balance and you are more likely to stop responding to everyday control routines. The NHS has data on all of us. It is one of the first standard bits of data they want to collect. And any deviation, see your doctor straightaway; a contraceptive pill might regulate you, if the moon is not powerful enough.

No wonder we are called the weaker sex, or the fairer sex. We are always short of blood, our strength is not what it should be, and lack of blood can make you pale. I guess miscarriages are caused in the same way, by the draw of the moon.

At menopause, around 50, for some reason, women are able to shake off the control. But then you are advised to get yourself a daily dose of HRT! Her Moon Replacement Therapy. You won’t bleed from it, but it sure will still control you. Why are hot flushes considered something bad anyway? A hot flush is an amazing way of heating your body, and proves that we can do it…. If only we could learn how to regulate it so we could heat ourselves exactly when we need it.

The next logical step is that we can free ourselves of The Curse. Stop believing in it. Know that you are healthy, fertile and female without having to bleed every 4 weeks. Interestingly women still get pregnant after the menopause, so I am not sure when fertility really begins and ends in a woman’s life, I am starting to think it may be down to belief in your fertility and your desire to conceive, and what you are told.

Men are not immune from the moon. The legend of werewolves is linked to the full moon and may be a similar curse handed out to some men, men who were once wolves? Animals pick up a greater range of frequencies than we do, and are more likely to intuitively react to the full moon control. Whether or not any werewolves, or werewolf behaviour still exists, I do not know.

(See earlier post: Shooting the Moon)

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