Us and Them

Us and Them is a theme from the old way of doing things. We are so well trained that it seems to manifest even when we try a new way forward.

Here are some current examples of us and them…
99% vs 1%
Normal people vs Illuminati
Awake people vs asleep people
Humans vs aliens
Real vs illusion
Natural vs man made
Right vs wrong

There always seems to be an enemy, and a battle. It always comes back to arguing over who is right and who is wrong. If you assume nothing, question everything, and are always prepared to shift your current thinking, then there can be no right or wrong, no final answer, just a journey of constant movement to be where the right place is at the right time for you. Which means we are all right (alright). And it is all real, even the illusion.

Is conspiracy research, truth seeking, just another version of the old way of doing things, an elite club of awake people who can no longer relate to anyone outside the club? It’s another group, a new religion. It has a lot of scariness, real fear because we KNOW it’s all true. We have leaders, idols, and we squabble about who is the best one. We have subgroups. We even have our own media system with books, You Tubes, blogs, websites etc. We have a big carrot of 21st December 2012 which gives us hope of rescue. And another new hope is that the friendly aliens will save us. It is almost a replacement system in waiting, or a replacement system to scoop up those who have seen through the conspiracy. The good bit is the research where new information is being discovered and shared all the time. The bad bit is the repeating themes.

First we realised our current world order is a big scam. The next stage is we start to fight it and find out more about it. But if we give all our energy to the conspiracy, even in opposition, are we not thereby helping to maintain it? An empty hole is only defined by the solid mass around it. The current conspiracy can only continue with attention and focus on it. The next stage of the process is to ignore the conspiracy and BE the change you want to see in the world. Walk the Talk. Occupy Yourself. This in turn helps others do the same.

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