The Pyramid Game

“Pyramid Game” is used to describe businesses that start up with one person and then suck in another layer of people underneath that give money to the person at the top. All for some fictitious, or pointless product or service. It doesn’t matter if anyone ever buys the product. The money is made by sucking in another layer of people into the business who pay money to the layer above, for training, resources, or anything else that you can be conned into paying for. The carrot is that if you invest money, you will get more back. This works very well for the first few layers, then it starts to slow down as you run out of fresh people to suck in.

The whole world is one giant human pyramid game, with big controllers at the top, ranging down to slaves at the bottom, supporting everyone else on top of them. We are all slaves to the level above us. We are all playing the game, which is why it continues to exist.

Whoever is controlling this world, be it the Illuminati, or others higher up, are trapped in their position as much as the rest of us. We are all actors playing a role. Everyone plays their part. If there are slaves and middlemen, there must also be a part to play called the Big Controller. Like a pantomime in the theatre, someone has to take the part of the baddie. Otherwise the play doesn’t really work.

We have collectively created this massive human pyramid of control. How does anyone climb out of it? The top people are too high up to jump, the people on the edges would cause a massive collapse if they moved position. The people in the middle would be crushed to death if they moved at all. The only way to dismantle it safely is for people to climb down one by one, with help from each other. Starting with the outer layers, those at the edge of society. As people climb down from the top, so the lower layers become free to move themselves. And bit by bit, the pyramid reduces its size and its shape, But if the lower layers still want to play the game, the top will never be dismantled, because they will be denied a path down.

Dismantling the pyramid seems totally achievable to me, by cooperation and example. Every time someone at the edge becomes more free, someone in the middle gets a bit more light, and a bit closer to freedom. So don’t feel guilty at being the first one out of it. It helps everyone else along too.

It seems to me the only way is to JUST SAY NO, I have had enough of this, and I want to be free. Just step out of role. I think that is all it takes. However, if we keep fighting against the controllers, we cannot safely and smoothly dismantle the structure because we are all in it together. It is tempting to want a catastrophe in order to prove that we are right, to see the pyramid blow up, death and destruction everywhere. And tempting to want to see a final battle scene. So that we can say “I told you so, I warned you but you didn’t listen”. But I think it is better not to prove the point, and help each other to find a way out, even the Illuminati.

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