Sick Pay

Having got us all salivating over money many many centuries ago, money can now be used as an incentive to make us sick. By paying us for it. Sick pay. You get paid to be sick. Same with insurance, which is getting paid for things going wrong. And litigation, which is getting paid for blaming someone else. It’s an effective method to increase these somewhat negative things going on.

I remember once asking myself “why do I need to be sick to get out of doing something I don’t want to do, or to take time out?”. It seemed at the time that was the only excuse allowed for me to stop, to get off the treadmill. My body was automatically becoming sick when it needed a break, and I was unaware that I had any control over this. Once I had noticed the pattern, I started to find other ways to stop and rest, that did not require me to be sick.

It is easy to see where it all comes from, you just have to look at school. The only reason kids are allowed to get a break from otherwise compulsory schooling, is to be sick. So kids are programmed from an early age to induce sickness in themselves, as valid and real as possible, so they won’t get accused of “faking it” (lying), or trying to “get attention” (selfish). Being sick means your parents will let you stay at home, or if you are sick at school (vomiting or diarrhoea is required as proof), you might get sent home. Many kids need care and attention, as well as rest and time out. And sickness is the only way of achieving this. It is set up that way. Kids don’t realise why they are doing it, and neither do adults.

Later on in life, adults get sick for the same reasons, to get rest and to get attention. Some people even like being in hospital, to the point they will get constant serious illnesses. And now you get paid for it too, in many job packages. This time the proof needs to be a doctor’s certificate, so its gotta look pretty convincing. The money encourages us to do it, to not look for other ways of taking rest and caring for ourselves. Having worked in jobs with sick pay and those without, I notice a lot lot more sickness when sick pay is part of the deal. The sick pay message is that you can work yourself almost to death, it’s ok because you will still get paid. Most pensions have death pay built in to the deal, which has the same sort of message. And the jobs with sick pay tend to be the same jobs that have pensions as part of the deal.

The irony is that the money paid out in sick pay is not extra. It is just money taken out of what they could have paid you unconditionally if you didn’t have sick pay. For example, instead of sick pay, they could employ more staff so there is less demand on those there already. Instead of sick pay, they could pay everyone a bit more, then you could fund your own down time. It is all another tax in disguise, and a tax is a control mechanism, a socially acceptable way of changing people’s behaviour.

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