It’s the Thought That Counts

I keep noticing times when a thought I have influences my own well-being, or affects people around me or connected to me. Most people seem to have experienced the coincidence of thinking about somebody, the phone rings, and it is the person you were thinking about. Thoughts are more influential than we are led to believe. Here are some examples from my life…

I want to talk to…
I dialled a phone number with a thought in my mind “I want to talk to E”. Though it was someone else I actually needed to give a message to, the person I WANTED to talk to at that moment was E. Out of five possible people, E picked up the phone! I then asked if S was there. E said that she was there, but then paused as if I wanted to carry on talking to E! Which I did in my thoughts, though my words implied otherwise. So it seemed my thought transmission was having more impact than my words.

iPad disruption….
When I first started writing about these kinds of things, my iPad was playing up so much, I thought it was a goverrnment line tap monitoring and interfering with what I was writing. I now see that the fear emanating from my mind and body could have been creating electromagnetic energy which influenced the touch sensitive iPad. Nowadays, I am calmer and do not focus my thoughts on line taps, and they don’t actually happen. If I can accidentally influence my iPad with thoughts, can I purposefully control it with thoughts?

Swimming thoughts…
Last week I felt quite rough one day. I was wondering if I should rest at home, or go swimming. When I decided I would definitely go swimming, I started to feel much better. Just at the thought.

Social event thoughts…
I sometimes get a migraine at the mere thought of a social event, BEFORE IT HAPPENS. I have spoken to others who say the same. I put it down to fear of being trapped, making small talk, and compulsory eating and drinking, that I don’t feel able to say NO to. The migraine is caused just by thoughts.

Customs control…
I used to always get stopped at airport customs. I think it was because I always thought I would, even though I never had anything to worry about. So I subconsciously projected my thoughts of being stopped to the customs staff. They picked up the signals as they are trained to do, and stopped me. It no longer happens, because I no longer think about being stopped.

Use your thoughts wisely…
The examples above are all accidental. But it shows the power of thought. It means we can deliberately use thoughts to heal ourselves, and transmit good (or bad) things to others and the planet. We can’t change the world, but we can influence it just with our thoughts. A thought is an electromagnetic wave. People don’t have to receive your thoughts though. Like a telephone, they can choose to pick up or ignore. Similarly, you can choose whether or not to pick up thoughts coming your way. We are not well practised at this, and it might seem tricky, but I am sure it is possible.

Moving objects…
There are plenty of stories of people being able to move or damage objects without touching them, and I myself have witnessed someone breaking glass remotely. The karate chop is another example, where someone can cut through a solid with their hand. I see this as an extremely focused version of the examples above, a multitude of simultaneous duplicate thoughts. The destructive forces are usually a result of extreme, almost explosive, emotion. Most of us have had no practise or training in doing this, and have probably been trained to believe it impossible. And maybe we are fearful of misusing the power we have.

Belief systems…
Belief systems control our thoughts. Our thoughts are narrowed down, filtered, to whatever our belief system is set up to be, and thoughts outside the belief system are discarded. The belief system may be religious or political, or a belief in what we are told by our parents or school or society. Social acceptability filters out our thoughts in the same way. These are mechanisms which seem to set up walls of limitation in our minds.

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