The Kid That Knows Birthdays

As I was writing a previous, related, blog post sitting in a cafe, a boy aged about 5 came up to someone and said he knew their birthday. He didn’t get it right first go, but his Mum told me he only got one wrong the day before. He got mine wrong, but then I worked out why!

I was focusing on my son’s birthday at the time, because it was similar to the previous person’s birthday. And the boy guessed my son’s birthday. It was as if my son’s birthday was written on my forehead. A common expression, to have something written on your forehead. This is where the third eye chakra is, and I wonder if, as you think of something, it is projected out in front of you, as a wave form. Most adults can’t intentionally pick this up, but children are less conditioned. So when the boy says to someone “I know your birthday”, the person’s immediate response is to think of their birthday. All he then has to do is read it!

I suspect the ones he gets wrong are when people are not actually focusing their thoughts on their own birthday.

Luckily, his mother was supportive of his ability, and did not feel the need to apologise for his “bad” behaviour, tell him off, or ridicule him. So he was able to express his power, not have it stamped out.

(see earlier post It’s the Thought That Counts)

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