The Bath Keys

The symbology of two keys appears in a lot of places in Bath, often with a sword. Sometimes the keys cross each other. The sword appears on the coat of arms for Bath along with a castle (possibly Sham Castle), and water. Sometimes the sword looks like an obelisk.

But back to the Keys. The main door at Bath Abbey has 2 keys crossed by a sword. Bath Abbey is supposedly Anglican. The new logo for Prior Park College, which is Catholic, has 2 crossed keys with a sword going up through the centre. The St Peter and St Paul (same name as Bath Abbey) Catholic Church at the top of Entry Hill has 2 keys and a sword. Nearby on the Midford Road is the Cross Keys Pub, which was once leased to Ralph Allen, and is at a crossroads once connecting Bath, Bristol, Wells and Warminster. I am sure there are loads of other places where the 2 keys turn up.

The two keys are a big part of Freemason symbology. And Bath is a very Masonic city, the current version of Bath being Georgian, the peak age of Masonic building. It seems to me that Anglican and Catholic are both Masonic, and are not as separate as we are led to believe.

The two biggest Bath keys of all are in the street layout. Look at the map. The little key is the better known, which has The Circus as its handle, and the stem extends down Gay Street with its key part being Queens Square (this is THE Square of Bath, it says so on the sign). The second larger key is far more prominent on the map. The handle is Sydney Gardens, the stem goes down Pulteney Street, and the key parts are the side streets towards the Rec.

The Big Key has the most amazing alignment. You need to be in the foyer of the Holborne Museum to best see it. And it is only since the new glass building extension has been built (in perfect alignment!), that you can see the alignment extension out the back leading up to a temple type shelter in Sydney Gardens. At the front, the alignment extends down Great Pulteney Street across Laura Fountain and Pulteney Bridge. It is perfectly aligned with Whiteway Roundhill in the distance, a hill not normally noticed due to the housing and busy roads all over it apart from its very tip. All the doors in the Holborne are aligned. The alignment continues to Englishcombe and Priston Mill.

The Little Key is aligned with Beechen Cliff, and the two MOD sites at Endsleigh and Foxhill. At Foxhill MOD, the alignment seems to go directly through the tunnel entrance and along the straight line road and into the Pub opposite, now the Forester and Flower. The MOD sites are connected by the Number 2 bus route, which has recently split into No 1 and No 2, for absolutely no good reason! (And how come No 1 was conveniently available?). 1 and 2 are favourite Illuminati numbers, which crop up a lot in dates this year, 2012. The little key alignment also seems to pass through St Johns Hospital, a sort of current day almshouse, rebuilt by John Wood in 18thc, and currently undergoing major refurbishment (so major that residents have been moved out). On GoogleMaps, the “Masters Lodge” is marked, apparently on the line! It is often strange what GoogleMaps chooses to mark and leave out.

The term “cross keys” keeps cropping up, so I checked where the keys cross. It is quite difficult to tell without having very accurate large scale maps, but it seems to be around the site of the west gate, possibly in Komedia, the live entertainment venue, possibly in the pub, Flan O’ Briens. Interestingly, the pub lease is currently up for sale.

It is interesting that the little key is mapped by Queens Square, and the Big Key alignment continues to run through Kingsmead Square (Kings and Queens both have squares, just like a game of Chess). Kingsmead Square is not obviously a square, and is far less grand than Queens Square, even a bit tatty and run down in places, with council flats at the edge, Pizza Hut and a chippy. There is a magnificent old tree in the centre, rather than an obelisk.

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