21st December 2012

I have noticed that this date, the Winter Solstice, can cause several possible reactions in people. They may laugh because they think it is just another day. They may be depressed and fearful because they think the world will blow up. They may be hopeful, because they think that the world will automatically be made a better place overnight due to some external power, so no need to do anything, just wait. They may panic because there is not much time left to change the world. These are all reactions that maintain the current ruling elites’ power, by continuing to feed into the existing system.

There are also some more beneficial reactions to the idea that there may be some major shift on or around 21.12.12. It makes me plan less, risk more, and let go of material possessions and system constructs. If we only have 8 months left, we might as well live more for the day. And if it’s going to change big time, we might as well stop bothering with things that aren’t really important to us, and concentrate on those that are.

The evidence is that there is an approximately 26000 year cycle which is just coming to an end, like the end of winter, but on a much bigger scale. The evidence is that no one can see beyond the future after 21.12.12, because the timelines converge to a single point. And if no one can time travel beyond then, does that mean the Earth stops spinning, or the international dateline no longer exists? Maybe there will be no day or night?

The feeling I have is that change is happening at a faster and faster rate, to the point that it could easily build up to a peak speed on 21.12.12. Chaos is increasing faster and faster too. And Nazi style control is increasing faster and faster. And this is getting more and more obvious, and easier and easier to observe. If we so choose.

I see this year as a choice for humanity. A better world, or a much worse one. Do we want to carry on being slaves, or possibly even get obliterated, or do we want to break free? To be slaves, we carry on consenting. To break free, we start to refuse to consent. And it is like a voting system, except we vote by how we act, not by a cross on a bit of paper every 5 years. If enough people vote for freedom, we collectively get freedom. You don’t need everyone else to join in to start. Any individual act of refusing consent, and not feeding the system, will spread, and contribute to the vote count. The more people that do it, the more it will spread.

It sometimes feels a bit like a race against time, the Human Race. But working to deadlines can cause panic, alarm, and “more haste, less speed”. These all fuel the current system. So whatever you do, however big or small, choose joy, love, happiness, and freedom. Not only will you feel better, but it will contribute to the vote count.

(See earlier posts: Time Travel, By Consent, Joy and Fear)

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