Who’s in Charge?

The answer is that we are, you are, I am. But at present we are so well trained to believe there is some higher power than ourselves in charge, that we give our power away to them. It starts with parents (who are themselves trained), then schools, then bosses, then governments. If you get past that point, it is the Illuminati, or the gods, aliens, or whatever. Aways someone else, it can’t be me, can it, I am not powerful.

I used to think I had some control nodes sticking out the top of my head, which people could just plug into to control me. That’s what it felt like. Mostly my mother, but then as I got older, someone else could plug into them, because the control nodes had been carefully developed for that purpose during my entire childhood. Parents are set up as servants of the state to train their own children to be obedient slaves to a higher power. And the cycle continues until someone breaks it. We all feed and perpetuate the system, and agree it is the right thing to do. All “good” parents behave like this.

Now I have pretty much dismantled the control nodes and life is much better. I see that there are two genuine forces that affect me. One is MY OWN POWER. Everyone has this. The other is the COLLECTIVE POWER, which some call consciousness, and some call God. It doesn’t matter what name it is. Each persons individual power and thoughts influences the whole, and the whole influences each individual. The power within, and the power without. This applies to every human. Probably animals, minerals and plants too.

I am coming to the conclusion that TPTW (the powers that were, whoever that may be) are created by our collective need for them. We are all collaborating to hold them there as a reality. Whether we obey them, or whether we fight to expose them, either way we generate the thoughts that require them to exist. And therefore someone has to step into that role to satisfy the collective. It is like digging a hole in the sand, and the air particles are then compelled to flood into the space created by making the hole. Some particle has to be there in that space.

I think exposing the evil of TPTW is a good step, because we can then see that we have given away our power big time. But it is not the end of the story. The next step is to get it back!

We can take back our power by believing we have it. And as more individuals do this, the collective power will start to shift too. The evil people are fulfilling the desire and expectations of the collective. If the collective shifts, so will the amount of evil. It will just automatically start to crumble. Ghandi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”, and I think this is a good way of taking back your own power.

(see earlier posts: Us and Them, It’s the Thought That Counts, By Consent)

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