Mind Blowing

We only use 10% of our brain. Sounds like an underuse of resources to me. And the connection from right to left brain is a really narrow corridor, which sounds pretty inefficient too. Not much room for making big connections, or multiple simultaneous ones. Imagination and dreams are considered “not real” and of no value. Just a dream. Just your imagination. A waste of thought.

So look at the potential for expansion! Imagine using 100% of your brain, even 20% would be double what we now have. Imagine having a half decent connection between left and right! Wow! Humankind could be so amazing!

We are all mind controlled from birth, as are the parents and teachers who train us. We are trained to use a small compartmentalised brain, full of solid walls and barriers, and 90% considered waste. Our thinking is in a prison, which is controlled and policed. No need for thought police, society polices itself, by making certain thoughts socially unacceptable, ridiculing people who think outside the prison, and ostracising those who do it too often. Schools, the media, religion, the entertainment industry, and others, reinforce the things we are supposed to think, by constantly blasting it at us.

The more I go on with researching what is going on in the world, the more I realise that fact and truth are not quite the same thing! No sooner do I think something is fact than something happens to challenge that. Fact is just a fixed thought, possibly one that has some evidence to back it up, and almost certainly some evidence to disprove it too. Possibly the fact is acceptable to a lot of people, which makes it more comfortable to believe. Truth, however, is whatever you KNOW to be true by your own experience and observations. Truth is the only thing you know for sure.

My mantra has become “Assume nothing, question everything”. This means that anything and everything is possible! Including your dreams and your imagination. Then the barriers of your mind start to tumble down like the Berlin Wall. Your mind escapes its’ prison and becomes free. Connections in your brain seem to have more room to move. Best of all, life becomes a lot more fun, as you can now play freely in your mind. You can see things however you want to see them, not how you have been told. You can go anywhere you want using your mind. You can create any story or scenario in your mind, and know that this is just as valid, if not more so, as thinking the stuff you are told to think. You can make new connections, and have new insights. And the picture just gets bigger and bigger and more and more amazing. It seems infinite.

I guess the term “mind blowing” comes from this happening very quickly! As it did to me when it first happened some months ago. It was truly amazing, but almost seemed to take me off the planet. I am reminded of a quote from David Bowie: “There’s a starman waiting in the sky, He’d like to come and meet us, But he thinks he’d blow our minds”. It would blow our minds if we really met a starman from outer space, because we are trained to think this is impossible. If it happened, the mind walls would have to come down very suddenly to match up with what we experience. Sounds like a big headache.

The mind blowing, mind growing process can potentially alienate you (as if you have become an alien!) from those around you. No problem, you can still go back to the mind prison of familiarity, but now know that the wall is down. You can walk out and be free whenever you choose. With practice, the flitting between the two becomes easier and easier.

(See earlier posts: Possibility Theory, I am The Truth)

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