A Giant Planetarium

I sometimes think our world might be a giant planetarium. Planet Earth is enclosed in a prison, two enormous joined up domes encapsulating the planet. The Sun is a large hole in the dome, a bit like the Pantheon in Rome has a hole in its dome shaped roof. Our prison dome is painted black on the inside, and stars are holographic projections, as they are in the mini planetariums you can visit. Dome symbology is very prominent in cultural cities such as Bath and Rome. I was recently struck by the zodiac symbols on the inside of the Dome at Bath’s Victoria Art Gallery. I see symbology as clues to unravelling the mysteries of life. Important buildings are designed by people who are in the know, and they leave clues that we can follow.

There is increasing evidence to show that much of our weather is manufactured. Clouds are created by chemtrails. Possibly all clouds. And if all clouds now are manufactured, then all clouds in history have probably been manufactured too. HAARP military installations are capable of causing earthquakes and tsunamis and hurricanes. The weather can affect our moods, and our crops. Disasters such as earthquakes are big business, and can eliminate or control huge numbers of people and places very swiftly. Controlling the weather can control the people and the planet.

What does “natural” mean?…
So what is natural and what is not? It looks like it doesn’t really matter. Maybe nothing is natural. Maybe everything is natural. Plants and humans and animals have what they need to grow and survive, in the same way that plants can be grown in greenhouses. Planet Earth is very beautiful, despite being in a prison, and possibly because it is in a controlled prison.

No wind…
It has always puzzled me why we do not feel anything if we are genuinely in free universal space, as we are told, spinning on our axis at one spin per 24 hours, and racing round the Sun in 365 days. That’s a phenomenal speed. A huge distance in 365 days. Why do we not feel any movement? Well we wouldn’t if it was all set up as an illusion.

Night and Day…
The Earth spins on its axis (or possibly the dome shell rotates around the Earth), and there is only one hole in the Dome, thus night and day are created. This is another time mechanism to control us. We assume that day and night always takes the same total amount of time, but it might not be, it might be speeding up. If there was no dome, just a light source projecting into free space, I think the far side of the Earth would not be dark, it would merely be in the shade, the same as we sit in the shade on a sunny day, but it is not actually dark. Try and recreate it yourself outdoors and see what happens! To create the darkness of night, we must have that black wall surrounding things, like a photographic dark room, so the black absorbs the light.

The Moon…
The Moon is always focused on the Sun. It seems to me it has a closer relationship to the Sun than to the Earth. It is probably picking up energy from the Sun to power its controlling activities.

I am not quite sure where this puts the planets. If we perceive the planets as revolving around the Sun, then they would have to be holographic projections too, as are the stars. That means that the remote control of Earth comes entirely from the Moon.

UFOs could be either holograms, or they could be entering and leaving the Dome via the hole in the roof, a bit like a pesky wasp getting in through the window. Where do they originate from? They could originate from military bases on Earth, or from outside the Dome.

Earth is in the centre….
This of course puts Earth back in the centre of things! Just because we think ourselves clever for now “knowing” that the Earth goes round the Sun, does not mean that we have arrived at the final answer. And people in another 200 years time might look back on us as stupid for believing that the Sun is the centre!

Why has our planet been put in a prison? And will we get to the end of our prison sentence one day? Is that day coming up soon, possibly 21st December 2012?. Is this the Adam and Eve punishment designed by “God” (whoever, whatever that may be)?

Outside the dome….
What happens out there? What happens if the dome is removed, or disappears? Will it be sudden or slow? Will there be constant light? No night or day. Will Planet Earth be set free?

The Truman Show…
A very interesting and entertaining movie called The Truman Show, starring Jim Carrey, explores similar ideas to this blog post, and has had a profound effect on me and other people I know. One of the themes is the idea of choice, that we can choose whether to be imprisoned or not, at any time. And after all, the prison is quite often pleasant and fun and beautiful. So if we can choose to leave, collectively, then I guess we are currently choosing, collectively, to stay.

(See earlier post: Shooting the Moon, Clock the Clocks)

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