Your Emergency Care

I have just received through the post, a carefully worded NHS letter about Summary Care Records. They want to make one for me. They are going to make one for me unless I opt out.

Despite the so called cuts, the NHS must be spending a fortune making up Summary Care Records for over 60 million people. Or maybe they already have them? They just need our consent, so they can publicly admit they have them. The default is to do nothing and you are automatically opted in. Always is these days. To not consent, you have to fill in a form, and you will be on record as being a dissenter. Kids under 16 can’t opt out, only the NHS can decide whether they will be opted out, not the child or their parents.

So the plan is to have will a central database with all our medical data on it, with a list of exactly what is likely to kill us, or make us very ill. Sounds like useful information for people who might want to depopulate the world. The database will be accessible via a public website.

Apparently, this is “to support your emergency care”. They seem very sure this will happen. What emergency are they getting ready for? What does emergency care mean? Taking care of people has two meanings and one of them is to kill.

It says that “Healthcare staff” will ask your permission before they look at your record. It doesn’t say they need to get your permission, only ask! Who are “Healthcare staff”? It sounds like it is people who work for a company called Healthcare. What about people that are not Healthcare staff? They don’t even need to ask presumably. And there are exceptions when there is a court order, or you are unconscious, when no one needs to ask you. Good incentive to make you unconscious.

They say they can look up my data on the computer in an emergency. Now if I was unconscious, or in a state where I could not tell NHS staff my medical history, I probably could not tell them my name either! So how could they look it up on the computer if they don’t know my name? Well maybe it would be a really good bit of data to have on a microchip implant! In fact that would be a really really good reason to have a microchip wouldn’t it? This is starting to remind me of the SS in Nazi Germany who had their blood group tattooed on their skin in case of emergency.

The whole thing is designed to make us frightened, and designed to make us expect an emergency. And anyway, look at all those healthy sports people keeling over with strokes and heart attacks, it happens to all sorts of young fit healthy people all the time. Of course we need to be prepared.

The form states clearly that you have a choice. “You need to make a choice”. WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. The whole global cabal is run with our consent. The easy recommended option is to do nothing. Surely if enough people opted out, they would have to bin the whole idea. They will need a critical mass of people consenting for it to be workable. And then they will move on to the next stage of their plan.

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