When I am on holiday camping by the sea, I love the feeling of being without clocks, watches and alarms and timetables. Instead, I just go with the time of the sunrise, sunset and the tides, which are moon controlled. So I am on Sun and Moon time. Occasionally I need to know a clock time for catching a boat, or for getting to the shop before it shuts, but otherwise I am pretty free of it. And I feel free without it. It feels like I am at one with nature.

Everyone is aware that clock time is man made, artificial time. But suppose Sun and Moon time is also artificial? Once you start to look at it, it is just another layer of time control. Clock time is just dividing up Sun time into smaller units. Even without clocks, we still run our lives according to day and night, sunrise and sunset, with the end of the day being a deadline for getting things done. We have calendars and diaries with dates in, which we can plan ahead to, or look back to. Our diary tells us what to do each day. The government often tells us what to put in our diary, Queens Jubilee, Bank Holiday etc, thereby influencing our day in advance. We have a fixed amount of time called a year, which is controlled by our relationship with the Sun. We have seasons too. All allow us to mark the time, and we are all controlled by Sun time. Another form of control. If someone adjusted the dial that controlled the Sun, they could cause a lot of havoc. What power that would be.

The only reason we believe Sun time will continue is that no one can remember otherwise, and we are trained from birth to believe that Sun time is fixed, a law of nature that can never change. It might have been different once, and it is quite possible things might change.

If there is no Sun time, we will be in a world of constant light, or constant darkness, and no seasons. We will be timeless. So I see the true natural state of being as timeless, and time as a control device. I can think of three possible ways that Sun time could go away. The Earth may stop spinning, leaving one side of the planet in light, the other in darkness. Or the light provided by the Sun may somehow expand to cover the whole sky, so that everywhere is light. Or the Sun may go out, total darkness, and we will have to work out how to generate our own light, or survive without it.

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