How Do You Know You Have Cancer?

You know you have cancer because you are told. “Every 2 minutes in the UK, someone is told they have cancer”. This is taken from a poster advertising cancer. If you read it carefully, you will see that it doesn’t say that people actually have cancer, just that they are told they do. I am amazed at how many people go to the doctor for some simple thing, they don’t even feel ill, then they get referred for some tests just to make sure it’s not some strange disorder. One or two more steps and they are told they have cancer. It’s lucky the NHS picks it up, because otherwise they might have carried on having a normal life completely unaware they were ill!

What effect does it have on people when they think they might have cancer? It creates enormous fear and worry for them and everyone else around them. This in itself lowers the immune system, making you more susceptible to any illness. Thoughts are very powerful, and the belief that you are ill, even if an incorrect belief, can actually make that illness happen.

Another quote from Cancer Research: “Cancer remains people’s greatest health fear”. Yes it is set up that way, and fear is a great way to control us all. The fear is so huge, that people will go through all sorts of horrendous, even carcinogenic, treatment in the hope of healing themselves of something they may not even have. If you are not actually ill from the cancer, you soon will be from the treatment.

When NHS lab staff check out cancer samples, it is all very compartmentalised. Noone has a complete picture. So no one would spot an anomaly, or a deliberate misdiagnosis, in the process. The doctor that sees you will not be the scientist that prepares the sample, and neither of them are the person that analyses the sample. The nurses that take care of you are different again.

Cancer is big business. And a political point scorer. It was a huge subject at the last election. Though there are many other health issues that affect people. People raise loads of money for drugs research on cancer, and then the drugs companies take the profits from selling the drugs. Pharmaceutical companies have always been big profiteers, but now they don’t even pay for their own research.

It’s a a good way of controlling people, creating fear, making money, and making people sick.

We have been so bombarded with misinformation, that hardly anyone believes that there are simple preventions and cures, based on a strengthened immune system and the right sort of diet. In the Philippines for example, our way of doing things makes no sense to them, they just take a herb. And there is plenty of research in the UK too on diet and immune systems.

Many cancers seem to arise from stress or trauma, and it is quite possible that the removal or healing of the trauma will allow the cancer to heal itself. Unfortunately the only way you are allowed to get out of work, or otherwise change tracks in your life is by medical intervention and doctors notes. So the only accepted path is to have an acceptable illness, and an accepted course of treatment for it.

I realise this post is highly controversial, and I am not telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t do with their own lives. We all make our own choices.

On a good note, I am always struck by the strength of the human spirit, which rises up to cope with the disasters created by a cancer diagnosis. Despite everything attacking us, the Human Spirit is seemingly indestructible.

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