Microchipped Dogs

I got into a conversation today about a stray dog that might have a microchip. In which case it would have its owner’s name, address, and number embedded in its body. The dog was found pregnant, abandoned and neglected, and is now very happy in its new home. But if it is microchipped, it is the “property” of its owner.

This sounds a bit like slave branding to me. Before microchips, it was dog collars and labels to show ownership. How come people think it is ok to put a microchip in a dog? How come people think it is ok that a dog is property? We buy and sell animals and think that is ok, though most of us now think it’s wrong to buy and sell humans.

It is interesting that teenagers use the terms “you are owned” or “get owned”. They know what is going on underneath the veneer of our society. And school is a place where your time and clothes and what you do is decided for you, as if you are owned.

What we do to animals becomes acceptable, and we eventually do it to ourselves too. Not long ago, women and children were the property of men, still are in some countries. Our fate is inextricably linked to animals.

We do laboratory testing on animals, it’s acceptable to most people. And we test drugs on poor people in other countries who don’t understand the set up, they think they are getting free magic western medicines. Nowadays in the UK, people can even volunteer, or get paid, for testing out drugs, and that’s considered ok too. We practise selective breeding programs on animals, and it is starting to be ok for humans too.

We put dogs on leads, and I now see kids on leads attached to their carer by a wrist strap. No physical contact required. Sometimes multiple kids attached to one carer if it is a nursery or after school club. We put rabbits in small hutches with a limited space to run around in, called a run. That’s ok. So it’s ok that we too live in rabbit hutches, take a look at Google Earth to see the limitations of our domestic existence. We harness cows up to milking machines, and women can now do the same to themselves. The list goes on and on.

And if microchipping dogs is acceptable, then the next stage is humans. Will they start with kids? So if your kid goes missing, it can be returned? And old people in homes. Medical details. Then they can put our bank details on so we don’t have to carry credit cards. So convenient. Always there.

(see earlier post: Your Emergency Care)

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