I read recently that a major weather forecasting corporation has been bought up by the Rothschild family. My immediate reaction was that Here we go, Now they want to control the weather! Then I wondered why I had assumed that controlling the weather FORECAST meant controlling the weather.

The weather forecast certainly has us all running around under it’s control. You might take a raincoat if rain is forecast. You might plan your barbecue for a predicted sunny day. So maybe it doesn’t even matter what the weather actually is, we behave according to the forecast, not the weather itself. Even though the forecast is often wrong. And you can’t avoid the forecast, even if you don’t watch it. Because everyone else talks about it a lot.

Suppose that by believing the forecast, we actually affect the outcome? The power of collective thought is immense. So if we all believe we will get rain, we increase the chances of getting rain. That would mean that the weather forecaster, if believed, really does control the weather, simply by predicting it. And then we prove the weather forecaster right, which makes them more trusted, and so on.

Rain Dance…
Some parts of the world perform a rain dance to bring rain. Do they know something we don’t? Does their collective thought bring the rain?

Petrol shortage…
A similar example is the recent petrol shortages. There was no petrol shortage. But one was predicted by the government. This had the effect of people panic buying petrol. Then there actually was a petrol shortage! This is the power of collective actions all having a combined effect to create something from a prediction. The petrol shortage happened because a prediction was made by a person that people believed (the Prime Minister). This example is about collective actions, rather than collective thoughts, but you get the idea.

Doom prophesies…
The Bible is a good example of Doom prophesies. Many people read the Bible and believe every word in it. All sorts of awful things are predicted to happen as a punishment to mankind. If enough people believe this, it will surely happen. And of course, religious followers want it to happen so they can prove that the Bible is right. And that is one of the main purposes of religions, to control the collective thought, thereby controlling what happens. Another Doom prophesy is 2012 as the end of the world. A better one is 2012 as a new beginning, again if enough people believe in something better happening, it is more likely it will.

I told you so…
“I told you so” is a favourite parenting phrase. Parents warn their kids of awful things that will happen to them, and they want to be proved right, so they can stay in control and seem all powerful. The kids are subconsciously keen to please, and end up carrying out their parents predictions. Then they realise their parents were right! I don’t think parents have any idea how much they influence their kids to fail or have accidents or get sick. One example near me was of a boy who wanted to walk to school, but his parents said it was too dangerous (This is Bath, and it was a secondary school!). Eventually he persuaded them and tried it. Never again! On the first day, some boys approached him with a knife! Whether or not they intended to attack him was not clear, but obviously the boy’s belief in danger would make him think that. He also may have attracted in danger, because he believed that would happen.

Prophet worship…
No wonder we worship the prophets! All they need to do is to get people hanging on their every word, and everything they say will come true. This works in an upward spiral. The more their prophesies come true, the more people will believe them. The more people believe them, the more they come true. This is all well and good if the prophet predicts good things to come, no wonder they are idolised! I think that the doom prophesies in the Bible are part of the Bible hijacking process which has inserted evil in with the good.

Fortune Telling….
A fortune teller can surely have the same effect, by predicting something, and because you believe it, it is more likely to happen. I also know someone who used to read the stars, and foretold a death which then happened, and he lost someone close to him. He no longer reads the stars.

Hurricane Katrina…
How did they get that to hit New Orleans? All they have to do is predict it is heading that way, then everyone’s thoughts will powerfully attract the hurricane in towards the city. Because we all believe the high tech scientifically advanced forecasters, and we don’t believe in the power of ourselves. Suppose everyone had instead focused on diverting the hurricane?

There are many words for forecasting… Foretell, predict, prophesy. There are even self fulfilling prophesies such as “I am going to fail”. Your own power over yourself. So if bad things can be predicted and thereby influence the outcome, surely we can use the same power of forecasting to predict good outcomes. The important thing is to want something to happen, to WILL it to happen. The forecasters are merely hijacking our thoughts, telling us what to think, fore-telling, pre-dictating. We don’t need to be told or dicated to, we can think for ourselves. But only if we choose to do so. There is always a choice.

(See earlier posts : It’s the Thought That Counts, The Power of 11/11)

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2 Responses to Forecasting

  1. tapestory says:

    I love the theme that collective thought is all powerful. Yet there is evidence of the path of hurricanes and typhoons being directed by HAARP. I am denying your theory, merely altering the context!

    • suliwebster says:

      I agree there are many possibilities as to how we get the weather and extreme weather that we do. And there certainly seems to be a lot of evidence for HAARP control and interference, which I do not dispute. It could possibly boil down to the same type of force, electromagnetics. Which can be generated by thought or by HAARP or by the Moon, or something else I haven’t thought of. Which is the stronger force? And does the collective thought magnify HAARP’s power or work against it? If most thoughts work with HAARPs power, which they will if people are in fear, then HAARP is enhanced. If all thoughts were acting with an opposite force to HAARP, could we collectively override HAARP?

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