Moon Ramblings

This is a collection of notes on the Moon, originally written around the Full SuperMoon of 5th May 2012.


I seem to have been sucked into the SuperMoon influence. I feel like I am in a head to head battle with it! A lot of women I know have had sleep disturbance at some point the last 5 or 6 days, not sleeping, intense dreams etc. I often don’t sleep well at Full Moon. Don’t know if men get affected the same. Men have Hor-mones too, though different ones. Are Hormones actually receptors for Moon electromagnetic transmissions? Perhaps male hormones respond to a different frequency, so men can be controlled separately.

Moon and Mona…
From Wikipedia, the previous words used for the moon are moone (1380), mone (Hor-mone, 1135), mona (pre 725), maenon (German origin). Also lunar, luna (lunacy), and selenic, selene. I am now wondering what has Mona Lisa got to do with the Moon? And what did da Vinci know? Lisa means “my god is a vow” or “consecrated to god”, so Mona Lisa could possibly be taken to mean that the Moon is a servant of God? This also brings me back to Monas Glyph which is supposedly a depiction of the Sun and Moon and planets. Moon, Mona Lisa and Monas Glyph seem somehow related.

The Moon emits light…
According to a 10th century astronomer, Alhazen, the light from the moon is not reflected like a mirror, but is EMITTED from every part of the Moons “sunlit” surface in all directions. This bit of information, from Wikipedia, supports the idea that the Moon recharges its batteries from the Sun in its new moon fortnight, then blasts out loads of controlling electromagnetic waves in its full moon fortnight. Each wave only takes 1.26 seconds to reach us!

More than one moon…
There seem to be several bits of separate scientific research that says there are more moons linked to Earth. More control no doubt. It seems like these have all been discredited. It is quite common that useful research gets discredited in order to hush it up, as has happened with vaccine research.

Wikipedia and NASA…
The way these websites both phrase their Moon explanations sounds like they are making it up as they go along, or deliberately planting little clues that we might pick up if we try hard, whilst simultaneously confusing the reader. There is so much they can’t seem to explain properly! I personally think it is all in Doublespeak.

The Moon and Sun “appear” to be the same size…
That’s very convenient! When the Moon eclipses the Sun, it pretty much covers it over perfectly! Like shutting the manhole cover on the dungeon we are all in. Sometimes a little leak of light around the edge. An incredible coincidence. Too much of a coincidence. Maybe they are the same size and the same distance away, we are just told otherwise. Maybe the Moon was designed to fit the Sun.

NASA can’t explain this…
“For reasons not fully understood by astronomers or psychologists, low-hanging Moons look unnaturally large when they beam through trees, buildings and other foreground objects”. That’s odd isn’t it? Because the Moon is actually closest to us when it is overhead, and is furthest away when it is on the Horizon. So you would expect the Moon to be smaller on the Horizon, and get larger as it rose! It is doing the exact opposite! Now when I see it on the Horizon, it is overhead for someone else, and vice versa, so assuming it is the one and same moon, and it is an actual object, there must be some trickery going on to create the illusion of large and small. Like a magician. Either something in the atmosphere that magnifies it (it travels through more atmosphere at the Horizon viewpoint), or some deliberately targeted projections from the Moon itself. Or something else I haven’t thought of. If the atmosphere is a magnifier, then the Moon and Sun could be much smaller than we think. (getting very Wizard of Oz like! The little man behind the big screen with a megaphone!) And is the Supermoon actually further away than usual, not closer? And then, by NASA’s own statement, all the calculations of distance that are done on relative position and size would not then have taken into account the magnifying effect. This seems incredible that NASA with all their resources can’t work out how to explain this known effect. Or maybe they can and they dont want us to know. This seems like an incredibly important bit of knowledge for calculating ALL planetary movements.

Moon influence…
“The truth is, the Moon is less influential than folklore would have us believe”, NASA disputing “wacky” claims that we have more crime and hospital admissions at full moon. Of course the moon can’t influence people, it is only a harmless lump of rock. Draining blood out of women doesn’t count then?

Double planet theory…
This says that the Moon and Earth grew together out of the ancient cloud from which our solar system was born. I often look at the Moon and think it is quite cloud like in appearance apart from its regular spherical shape, and it is brighter at night than a cloud. What are clouds made of? Are they really just water? Is water the most powerful substance, able to take on many different forms, and perform many so many tricks if triggered to do so?

The Earth’s sphere…
I keep seeing this phrase used, often in mainstream places, sometimes called the Celestial sphere. As if the Earth is encased in an outer sphere (made of what?). And apparently things can enter or leave our sphere. How?

Book about the Moon…
Since writing the above, I have come across a book called Who Built The Moon, which says it is written from a scientific standpoint. I have not yet read it, but the first couple of pages I have seen and they support some of my own observations independently. Firstly that the Moon fitting the Sun exactly in perceived size is an extremely big coincidence. Secondly, that the Moon is tuned to the Sun as well as the Earth, to the extent that the Moon seems to mimic the Sun.

(Earlier posts on Moon stuff are : Shooting the Moon, Blood Sacrifice, A Giant Planetarium)

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